The 30 Hottest WAGs of Current MLB Players

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Once a WAG, Always a WAG?

Kate Upton

If you are unfamiliar with the term WAG, which I’m sure some of you are, it stands for “wives and girlfriends”. Why are we obsessed with WAGs? Well, it’s because most of us are men and we enjoy beautiful ladies. I also enjoy a good WAGs list, because it’s interesting to see who out kicks their coverage.

Statistics, looks and even money doesn’t stop certain players from getting a gorgeous lady to share their lives with. But there is a question I have been pondering: if there were once a WAG, are they always a WAG? There were rumors circulating about Kate Upton and Justin Verlander, so am I able to consider Upton a WAG? Is this debate completely pointless? Yes, it just may be, but I need to know when I can include Upton or not, seeing as she's just fabulous.

Anywho, here are the 30 hottest WAGs of current MLB players. Considering there are hundreds of players who have beautiful wives and/or girlfriends, it was hard to select just thirty. But I feel pretty good about my wonder list of cleat chasers.

As always, feel free to include ones that I have obviously missed, just don't get so up in arms about it, please. I'm only human, I do make mistakes

Okay, click away!

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Jessica Cox


When I think of Jessica Cox and Mike Trout, I can't help but think of the famous Seinfeld scene when Jerry and Elaine are discussing Keith Hernandez: "Wait a minute, are you jealous of me or jealous of him?" Mike Trout is just that awesome.

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Karen Burnett


AJ Burnett reestablished himself as a frontline starter in 2012. I guess it makes things easier when you have a beautiful wife.

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Julianna Zobrist


Jullianna Zobrist is apparently a singer, but judging by the following video only having 48 views, that's debatable.

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Kristin Travis


Kristin Travis has been with Jered Weaver for more than nine years, which is the equivalent of 98 in athlete years.

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Kayla Varner


The name Kayla Varner probably set Google ablaze when it was learned that she was dating Bryce Harper.

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Jen Utley


Jen Utley would be all for those ASPCA commercials that make me depressed within ten seconds of watching them, seeing as she is an avid animal lover. I bet her and Sarah McLaughlin are BFFs.

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Selma Alameri


Selma Alameri used to date Mike Napoli. She might be the reason for his degenerative hips.

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Larisa Fraser


Meet the future Mrs. Ryan Braun. Hopefully she doesn't have a problem with the side effects that comes with PEDs.

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Emily Greinke


Emily is the high school sweetheart of Zack Greinke. Apparently true love does exist in athlete world.

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Lauren Anderson


Lauren Anderson is living proof that any athlete can score a ten at any given time. There is no way Reid Brignac, a career .227 hitter, should get a girl this gorgeous.

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Marikym Hervieux


Marikym is the sister of Eric Gagne's wife, which how she met her main squeeze Russell Martin.

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Audris Rijo


Rijo is the girlfriend of Jonathan Sanchez. Let's just hope he has some more control off the mound than he does on it.

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Rima Fakih


If the name Rima Fakih rings a bell, it's because she was the first Arab-American woman to win Miss USA. And if that isn't where you heard her name from, she competed on WWE's Tough Enough. Oh, by the way, she's apparently dating Ricky Romero.

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Brooke Sorenson

Brooke Sorenson

This Dallas Cowboys cheerleader is with backup outfielder Laynce Nix, further proving the world is not fair.

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Ana Sanchez

Miami Herald

I don't know why this is the only picture available of Ana Sanchez, but it seems to be the only one used anywhere.

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Joanna Garcia

Anthony Vazquez

Joanna Garcia was the Tourettes cheearleader in Not Another Teen Movie, which ironically enough is the syndrome most White Sox fans have when thinking of her husband, Nick Swisher.

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Kristin Posey


Buster Posey is living the life: two world championships, an MVP, and a smoking hot wife.

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Heidi DeRosa


Ask any Chicago Cubs fan if they would rather have spent a night with Mark or Heidi in 2008. I'm willing to bet 65% would have picked Mark.

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Brittany Binger


Brittany Binger dated the man made of glass, Grady Sizemore, with no confirmation if they are still together. If you recall, however, Sizemore sent some Favrian photos of himself, which Binger was the intended recipient of said photos.

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Savannah Swetland


Apparently, Hunter Pence likes to get around. Just googling Hunter Pence's girlfriend gives you about four different ladies. Having said that, Savannah Swetland is Hunter's current girlfriend. Let's hope this is the one for Hunter.

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Diana Roberts


The 2006 Miss FHM is married to Brian Roberts, who is apparently the luckiest man on the face of the planet. Diana had this to say in her Miss FHM interview: "I keep hearing that when I do it, I’ll wonder why I waited. My answer is that I’ll make up for lost time. I think it’s sexy that when I get married, my guy will know he’s the only man I’ve been with." Allllllllllllllllrighty then!

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Jamie Kotsay


I almost didn't include Jamie Kotsay because I don't consider Mark Kotsay a major leaguer. Zing! Seriously, thanks for not getting a hit off a left-handed pitcher in 2010, Mark. I really appreciate it.

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Amber Seyer


Barry Zito may have the worst contract in baseball history. But he's rich and has Amber Seyer, so the joke is on us.

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Torrie Wilson


I guess missing time due to injury isn't such a bad thing after all, eh A-Rod?

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Heidi Hamels

Bleacher Report

Heidi Hamels stripped for peanut butter and Oreos on Survivor. 'Nuff said!

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Lisa Podsednik


I don't know if Scott Podsednik is technically on a team right now, but it really doesn't matter all too much. Lisa Dergan Podsednik is just that hot.

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Kim DeJesus


Thanks to a move that brought David DeJesus to the Chicago Cubs, we all were introduced to his beautiful wife.

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Jaime Edmondson


This Playboy Playmate is dating Evan Longoria. If only she was dating Eva Longoria instead...

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Dallas Latos


Even though the Padres got a lot for Mat Latos, it might not have been enough to make up for Dallas departing the team, too.

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Amanda McCarthy


Between the looks, personality and overall awesomeness of Amanda McCarthy, it's hard for me to think of another WAG I would rather be with. Brandon, you are one lucky son of a gun.