Derrick Rose Throws Down Dunk During Warmups

By Riley Schmitt
Youtube – Beyond The Buzzer

The Derrick Rose return saga has gone on for a while now, but it looks like the Chicago Bulls star is getting close to returning. During warmups before the team played on Sunday night, ESPN captured video of him throwing down a nice dunk. That’s a welcome sight for Bulls fans.

If you remember what Rose has said during his recovery, he mentioned that he was not dunking in stride yet.  I think we can put that to bed because that looked really good.  He may not have the same spring that he normally does, but that is only going to come with more work.  If he wants to really get back to 100 percent, he is going to have to accomplish it in a game.

I really think he will be back in less than a couple weeks.  I have no inside information on this but he is slowly checking off things that he needed to have done.  He’s been practicing in 5-on-5 situations and he is able to dunk like this again.  That is a good step to have taken and I know that Bulls fans have to be happy watching this video.

It has been kind of an odd season for Bulls fans because watching Kirk Hinrich and Nate Robinson simply can’t make up for not having Rose.  Luckily for fans of basketball, a Rose return looks like it could be happening fairly soon.  When it does, expect Rose to throw down a couple of these in games.  It has certainly been a while.

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