NJCAA Basketball Team Ineligible After President Bailed Player Out of Jail

By Renae Juska
Source: YouTube

When fights breakout during a hockey game, the players involved get a time penalty and are normally allowed to return to the game. This isn’t quite the same when it comes to basketball; instead you get a nice little suspension from future games.

We occasionally see the NBA or NCAA basketball players go at each other, but it really isn’t that common. So what would you say if I told you that a fight broke out during a junior college basketball game in Iowa and nine kids received suspensions?

The following video was the fight that occurred during double-overtime between Indian Hills Community College and Southeastern Community College on February 16th during their annual “War on 34” game. Indian Hills had a record of 26-4 at the time and was ranked 3rd in the nation for NJCAA Division I.


Indian Hills leading scorer, sophomore Ronald Ross was arrested and charged with assault for allegedly punching Billy Carroll. Carroll is ironically the son of Southeastern coach Terry Miller; however Billy is not a player or a coach. It is undetermined as to why he was involved in the brawl.

But the fight isn’t even the best part of this story. Shortly after Ross was sent to jail, the president of Indian Hills, Jim Lindenmeyer, bailed him out. According to the rulebook, the NJCAA prohibits college officials from bailing out student athletes.

Now the team is declared ineligible for postseason play according to NJCAA rules. Apparently the NJCAA didn’t care that Ross would have been sitting in a jail cell over 80 miles from his college campus. I give credit to the president for bailing the athlete out but it sucks that the entire team has to pay the consequence.

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