Oscar Pistorius Is Apparently Totally Over The Whole "Murder" Thing

By Tyler Brett
Robert Deutsch – USA TODAY Sports

It was pretty shocking when news broke about Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius opening fire in his home and killing his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. The craziness continued with a bail hearing that stretched out over four bizarre days before the “Bladerunner” was finally freed on bail, but with restrictions. So stifling are those restrictions that Pistorius is really just over this whole “murder” situation.

The magistrate in his case deemed Pistrorius not to be a flight risk, despite his offshore bank accounts and access to a home in Italy, which allowed a murder suspect to be released on bail in the first place. But the sprinter was required to turn in his passport, was not allowed to return to his home (the site of the shooting) and has to check in regularly with police. All in all, a pretty lax punishment for someone accused of shooting their girlfriend multiple times.

But not if you ask Pistorius. Despite staying with an aunt and uncle in a well-to-do Pretoria suburb, the former Olympian is already worn out by the terms of his bail. Or as his lawyer, Kenny Oldwage, told the Bloomberg News:

“He just really wants to get on with his life.”

Yes, the man waiting to go on trial for murder after the horrific death of his live-in girlfriend, a woman you would assume he was fond of, less than two weeks ago on Valentines Day just wants to get back to living, man. You know who else would have really enjoyed getting on with their lives? Reeva Steenkamp, more than likely.

On the list of things you’d be better off not saying while awaiting trial for murder, this has to be in the top five, somewhere behind “Oh yeah, I totally did it,” and “I would KILL for a vacation right about now.”

In short, until you’ve proven your innocence, or at the very least built up some shred of reasonable doubt in the minds of the general public, do yourself a favor: shut up.

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