Washington Wizards Announcers Mistake Airball For Game Winner

By Riley Schmitt

As an announcer, you can get caught with some bad angles on plays. While a play may look exciting at first, it turns out that your angle could be wrong. Take these Washington Wizards announcers, for example. They thought this Trevor Ariza three pointer was the game winner. They certainly thought wrong.


As you can see from the video, the shot was just a bit short. However, it moved the net, which makes it look like the shot went in. The announcers eventually caught on, but that did not make it any less funny. In fact, it might have, had it even better. If the guys would have just looked at the players, they could have told that the shot was just a bit short.

I have been there before as an announcer. Sometimes you end up seeing the wrong thing. It does happen, but it is always funny. That is what makes sports so great. You never know when something weird like this is going to happen during a game. Luckily for us, the game was on TV so we can listen to the announcers’ excitement quickly turn to confusion.

You might end up seeing this play on some highlight shows. It will not put the announcers in a good light, but I think they will be able to laugh this off. Things like this can’t be helped. From their vantage point, it did look like a made shot, so people can’t be too hard on them.


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