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Andy Roddick is Suing a Charity for Bounced Checks

Source: Susan Mullane- USA Today Sports

A few days after Andy Roddick retired from professional tennis he participated in an event for Foundation’s Miracle Match Tour. He agreed to play an exhibition match and attend a meet-and-greet with sponsors of the event. In exchange, he was to receive $100,000 from Miracle Match.

Roddick claims that they agreed to not announce his appearance until he was paid the $100,000. However, the organization’s two checks of $50,000 bounced. Roddick displayed good sportsmanship and played in the event anyways.

I know what you’re thinking, if he has made millions then why won’t he participate for free? Now you’re wondering, why is he bothering to sue the organization?

Well, the organization seems like a complete hoax so I think Roddick has a legitimate reason to pursue a lawsuit. There are a few facts that look sketchy when it comes to the Miracle Match “Charity.”

The first key thing to know, the group representing Miracle Match no longer exists. In 2004, the foundation had $377,000 in liabilities but managed to only pay out $3,616 for sick children.

It gets even better; in 2010 the IRS revoked their status as a nonprofit organization. That right there should be the key to knowing the organization was a hoax.

I give credit to Roddick for suing the organization. Big events can earn thousands of dollars and this organization wasn’t even donating back to their cause, sick children. Roddick has stated that any money that he wins during the lawsuit will go to the kids that should have received the money in the first place.