Mark Cuban Is Just One of the Guys

By johnhollfelder
Jerome Miron-US Presswire

Mark Cuban.

Before reading another word, you’ve probably conceived a notion on who he is. You might find yourself cursing with disgust or admiring his business prowess. Over the years, Cuban arguably has earned his share of praise and criticism.

Not one to shun the spotlight or find any topic taboo, he’s self-perpetuated the opinions of many of his critics and admirers.

From an early age, Cuban has had a knack for making a dollar out of fifteen cents. He’s continued his ‘maverick’ capitalistic nature by investing in start-ups and a wide range of various business ventures. He’s bold, risk taking, and not afraid to challenge the status quo. He’s never content, always looking for the next challenge.

He isn’t listed on Forbes’ richest individuals because he picked up a winning lottery ticket. He’s a smart business hawk. He’s also loud, abrasive, and at times rude.

But as an owner, he’s everything you want him to be.

How often do you find yourself tuned in to your favorite team to find the owner vacant, reportedly on a yacht pursuing a more important venture? We see too many disingenuous owners, lacking their fan base’s passion. They don’t breathe, eat, and live the franchise like us.

Mark Cuban, for all the so called immaturity, isn’t he just like you and me?

To the dedicated fan, if they were to inherit a franchise, wouldn’t they also manage it with the same passion, wit, and desire of Cuban? He wears his emotions on his sleeve, foregoes suite’s to watch games courtside with fans, swears at officials on bad calls, and openly speaks about ways to improve his team.

He does everything in his power to increase the public awareness of the Dallas Mavericks, and works tirelessly to improve the roster. Both fans and players alike show appreciation and respect for him. We shouldn’t shun the mere actions of leadership we ourselves display in the comfort of our home.

We should embrace his candidness if for no other reason that he creates energy and debate around his team. Cuban may be hotheaded and arrogant, but he is also willing to admit defeat and error.

We hate Cuban because secretly we envy his success and his ability to remember that he’s just another fan.

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