Milwaukee Brewers Sausage Hijacker Does the Harlem Shake

By Renae Juska
Source: Chris Morrison- USA Today Sports

A lot of people thought that Milwaukee Brewer’s missing sausage was a joke. A couple of weeks, “Guido,” the famous Italian sausage suddenly went missing after a night out at the bar. I’m not exactly sure how you lose a giant sausage costume but someone made it possible.


On Wednesday night, two guys showed up at TJ Ryan’s Bar in Cedarburg, Wi. and put the giant sausage costume on the barstool. They then told the staff, “You didn’t see anything.” Now if someone walked up to me and put a big sausage costume down, I’d be pretty suspicious, especially since the costume has been missing from the Milwaukee Brewers.

The guys left a few minutes later and bartender Jen Mohney called the police. Allegedly it took six people to complete the heist of the sausage costume but the details of where it was stolen at are still unclear. They called themselves the “Weenie Gate” and left a nice little note when they dropped the costume back off at the bar.

“Sorry I’m such a sauced weenie. You probably think I’m the wurst. I started feeling the heat as the police began to ketchup by connecting the links. I know it was a greasy move so here I am. Donate the mustard and drink the beer. Take me back to the Land of the Brew… Much Love, ur Cedarburg Crew”

Better yet, the people that stole the costume took the time to make a little video to prove that it really was stolen. Of course, they sausage is performing to the newly crazed dance, the Harlem Shake.

I’m honestly shocked that this weenie-stealing incident was legitimate. I thought it was a completely big hoax by the Brewers to gain media attention. But at least the sausage is safe at home and we will see it racing again this season.

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