Will Sporting Events Soon Be Missing A Big Game Tradition?

By Ben Grimaldi
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Going to a sporting event has its perks, such as bragging to friends that you were there, and there is also a special feeling that comes from going to a game. I love being at games because of everything that comes with the games themselves. I love the camaraderie of the fans, even if it includes taunting of opposing fans in good fun, and I love the smell of being at a game. Tailgating has long been one of the best parts of being at any live sporting event.

There is one thing I never understood the appeal of from being at a game and it appears as though one of the traditions for big games is about to go away, flyovers. That’s when some awesome military aircraft comes flying over the stadium and everybody goes nuts for those three seconds. I never got why it was such a big deal and according to Gary Mihoces of USA Today, flyovers at sporting events will end.

The reasoning is pretty simple too, the government is in debt and when looking for ways to save money flyovers seemed like a pretty easy way to cut down on costs. I don’t know how much it helps but most as Americans know, any amount will help.

I’m guessing that some people will miss the tradition of a flyover but it never made any sense to me. Why everyone goes into a frenzy for those few seconds when a cool plane or helicopter flies over a stadium I’ll never know, but some people did like it. What is the appeal of having an aircraft zip by a stadium for a few seconds? It’s loud and people at the game can barely get a look at the aircraft so it’s not like its a cool visual thing. I always thought it was even more ridiculous to have a flyover when the game was in a dome, so I couldn’t agree more with stopping the practice of doing them.

So goodbye to one of the most overrated things associated with sports, the flyover. Somehow, I’m sure we’ll still go on without them.

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