Chicago Blackhawks Undefeated Streak Puts Miami Heat Winning Streak to Shame

By Scott DelleFave
Patrick Kane
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Blackhawks have ripped off 22 games in a row without taking a loss, and it’s the most impressive active streak in sports this year. Yes, even more so than the Miami Heat‘s current 15-game winning streak.

The Blackhawks are playing out of their minds on both sides of the rink, between scoring 70 goals in the 22 games at 3.18 goals per game, to their goalies Corey Crawford and Ray Emery allowing just 41 goals at 1.68 per game. If you’re averaging a 1.5 goal differential, you’re going to win a lot of games. Just ask the Los Angeles Kings of the 2012 NHL Playoffs, who won the Stanley Cup and only lost four times in the entire playoffs against four very difficult teams.

The Hawks’ leading point man is Patrick Kane with 11 goals and 15 assists for a whopping total of 26 points. Speaking of their individual scoring, they have six other scorers in double figures for points. This unbeaten streak is that much more impressive given the NHL is in a lock-out shortened season. There are many more games in a shorter time frame and fatigue becomes paramount as the streak has gotten longer.

The Heat’s streak isn’t as impressive as the Blackhawks’ because the Heat aren’t even the top team in points per game and they are barely in the top 10 in points per game allowed. In addition, the Heat took the easy way out building their team with all-stars through free agency, while the Blackhawks have mostly built through the NHL Entry Draft.

This isn’t even close. The Blackhawks win.

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