Dennis Rodman Goes Too Far In His Praise Of Kim Jong Un

By Riley Schmitt
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

If you happen to follow sports at all, you would have heard about Dennis Rodman and his latest adventure. The former NBA star recently went to North Korea and he ended up having a meeting with dictator Kim Jong Un. Rodman says the man in charge of the country is actually a pretty cool dude. However, Rodman may have went too far in his praise as he was kicked out of a hotel bar for constantly talking about the dictator.

I am not shocked that Rodman has a good opinion of Jong Un.  Do you honestly think the country was going to talk about the bad things going on there?  The meeting was an ego stroke for both parties.  Rodman could hang out with someone who loved him when he played basketball and Jong Un could meet one of his heroes.  It would have been shocking to see North Korea not spin the meeting to something in their favor.

The worst part about this is that people are actually taking this meeting seriously.  Rodman was on national news shows to talk about his meeting.  While some people tried to hammer him about the atrocities in North Korea, there is simply no point.  He does not care about stuff like that.  Rodman is his own man and he is going to form his own opinions.  I guess that is a good thing but not in this situation.

Hopefully he learned that you can’t go around spouting off about how great one of the enemies of the United States is.  Just not a smart move.

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