Offers Kobe $5 Million to Participate in 2014 Slam Dunk Competition

By Renae Juska
Source: Gary A. Vasquez- USA Today Sports

The website has the slogan “a virtual pinboard for porn.” Recently, the company has asked a few different athletes to participate in events for various charities and donations. They’ve contacted runner Michelle Jenneke to pose nude in exchange for a donation to the Australian Sports Commission and offered Rob Gronkowski  $3.75 million to do a porn scene with Bibi Jones.

So of course when they ask Kobe Bryant to participate in a dunk contest, we’re going to assume there is something related to sex involved in the deal, right? Not exactly, the organization has agreed to donate $5 million to Kobe’s favorite charity if he will participate in the 2014 Slam Dunk Competition.

Could these NBA stars just participate in an event for free? Between Magic Johnson offering LeBron James $1 million, Skip Bayless offering him $2,000 and offering Kobe $5 million, this is just getting plain ridiculous. As if NBA players aren’t getting paid enough, the least they could do would be to participate in a dunk event.

The NBA All-Star events are supposed to highlight the most elite athletes in the NBA. We see the top stars on Sports Center’s top 10 every night but we haven’t seen most of them in the slam dunk competition recently.

The only credit that I can give to is that they’re offering the $5 million to a charity rather than the player directly. However if Kobe and LeBron actually participate in the 2014 slam dunk competition, it will be epic. It would be the first dunk competition for Kobe since 1997 and it would be LeBron’s first ever appearance at the competition.

I’m honestly not sure how well Kobe would do in the competition because he’s now on the older end of the NBA spectrum but I think it’d be priceless to see the two actually compete in the competition. I can’t predict what the future holds but I feel like these two may end up participating in the competition if celeberities keep offering them money to do it.

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