10-Year Old Snowboarder Joey Okesson's Sick Moves Leave People Speechless

By Ben Grimaldi
Paul Bussi-USA TODAY Sports

Imagine you’re out snowboarding and having a great time just going down a mountain. Then you look up and see another snowboarder spinning, twisting and doing tricks all the way down. Then you see that person at the bottom of the mountain and you realize it’s just a kid and he just made your trip down the slope look silly.

That’s what Joey Okesson does to people and he’s just 10-years old. Of course you’d never know it by the tricks he’s able to perform on his snowboard and at his age, he’s outdoing some of the things people much older can’t even begin to try. If you don’t believe me, just watch Joey in action:

Joey’s skills will hopefully lead him to the USASA Snowboarding nationals again this year, after he placed sixth in the country last year in the halfpipe competition. This Saturday at Sunday River in Maine, he competes to win a spot at the Snowboarding championships on March 30.

My goodness how far we’ve come with extreme sports around the world. Who knew the X-Games, which began in 1995 in Providence, Rhode Island, would come to be as popular as it is now? The X Games didn’t create the love of extreme sports but it has increased the world’s interest in watching people like Joey doing insane things most people didn’t even know were possible. Snowboarding has become so popular that it became an Olympic sport in 1998.

Would Joey be doing these tricks if it wasn’t for people like Shaun White and Hannah Teeter before him? Probably, but now it’s being taken more seriously and it’s no longer just something cool people do. The competition is fierce, even at Joey’s age, heck even his little brother Tommy Okesson, who is only 5-years old, will be competing in racing, halfpipe and slopestyle at nationals.

The things Joey can do with his snowboard are amazing and his name is one you should remember for years to come. Just when you thought you were pretty cool and learned to snowboard, he comes Joey flying by you.

Don’t let it bother you; he’s one of the best in the world.

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