Blake Griffin And Jamal Crawford Combine For Dunk Of The Year

By Riley Schmitt

If you thought you had seen the dunk of the year in the NBA, we are here to prove you wrong. On Wednesday night, Blake Griffin and Jamal Crawford teamed up to throw the best one down. As the Los Angeles Clippers were on the fast break, Crawford threw a between the legs alley oop that Griffin hammered down with authority.

Yep, it is going to be hard to find a play that is better than that.  The pass itself is amazing but the Griffin finish really puts the exclamation point on it.  Griffin is probably the best dunker in the game and he shows it almost every single night.  Griffin was kind of surprised by the pass that was thrown, but he still managed to throw it down as hard as possible.

There are people that will point to this and say that all Griffin can do is dunk.  If that is the case, you clearly did not watch the game.  He also recorded his third triple-double, which is something that you cannot do by dunking.  His game continues to develop and he is getting better each year.  That is all that you can ask of a player.  Not everyone joins the league with a complete game.   They need to spend time in the gym honing the weaker parts of their play.

This will be on highlights for the rest of the season.  If there is a play that ends up beating this, I will be extremely shocked.  Not much can top an alley oop like this.

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