Creighton Coach Greg McDermott Throws Down Dunk During Practice

By Riley Schmitt

Greg McDermott has done a heck of a coaching job with the Creighton Blue Jays over the past few years but he wants to remind you that he can still ball out from time to time. The father of Creighton star Doug McDermott, Greg played at Northern Iowa in the 1980s and in this video, he shows that he can still throw it down.

That is not a bad dunk for a 48 year old guy.  I am only 21 and I haven’t been able to dunk in the last two years or so. For a guy that is just shy of 50, it is a wonder that he can still get up that high.  Then again, I bet he ends up sore tomorrow.  Dunking does take a lot out of the old body from time to time.

With the college basketball world so wide open this year, I would not be shocked if Creighton ends up making a mini run this year.  It could be a year that a bunch of surprise teams make the Sweet 16 and Creighton does have one of the best players in the country.  When it comes down to crunch time, you know who they are going to end up giving the ball to.

We will see if McDermott decides to repeat his dunking performance sometime down the line.  If the Blue Jays somehow make a magical run to the Final Four, we better see this happen during an open practice.  If not, a lot of people are going to be disappointed.

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