Dude Perfect Teams Up With Devin Supertramp for Trick Shots

By Renae Juska


Source: YouTube

Back in January we saw Johnny Manziel take a few insane trick shots with Dude Perfect. These guys are pretty funny and their videos just keep on coming in.

This time around Dude Perfect is doing some interesting trick shots with YouTube star Devin Supertramp, also known as Devin Graham. Don’t know who Devin Supertramp is? Just type in his name for a YouTube search and watch a couple of his videos.

He’s recorded some pretty extreme videos, including the world’s largest rope swing. This time around, he paired up with Dude Perfect for some insane trick shots at Texas Motor Speedway. I don’t care how many tries it took these guys because some of these shots are awesome.


I personally liked the basketball hoop floating in the air because they would have had no way to determine which way the hoop would shift with the wind. Every Dude Perfect video consists of a “sky shot” from high up so it’s not necessarily a “surprising” shot but it is pretty awesome.

There’s only one thing that I would have added to this video. Since it’s at a NASCAR track, why didn’t they do anything with cars going around the track? All they had was the truck with the hoop in the back.

Putting a couple of cars on the track would have at least added a little thrill factor to the video. Besides that, I give these guys credit, they’ve created an insane trick shot video once again.

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