Richard Sherman Blows Up Skip Bayless On First Take

By Riley Schmitt

A lot of people see Richard Sherman as an extremely arrogant player. The Seattle Seahawks cornerback is one of the best in the league and he has no problem letting you know about it. Thursday, he may have won a lot of fans when he went after Skip Bayless. While Bayless tried to dismiss his play with generalizations, Sherman used facts and then dropped the ether on him.

Since First Take tends to turn itself into a sideshow, I’m glad that Sherman threw down what we all have been thinking.  No one really cares about Bayless or his opinion.  He says the most off the wall stuff in order to get people angry.  When people get angry with Bayless, they do not change the channel.  They tell their friends the stupid stuff that he says so they can all watch and be mad together.  He has figured the news cycle out.

I personally don’t watch First Take and I don’t plan on doing it.  Bayless has turned the show into a joke and people keep buying in.  More people need to do what Sherman just did.  There is no need to get enraged at him.  Simply come at him with facts.  He can’t argue facts with whatever general term he plans on using.  That is the one true fact about the show.

You will certainly see Bayless complain about this for the next few days.  However, it means he is in the news and that is what he cares about.

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