Terrell Owens Finds a Perfect Job for His Vain Personality

By Ben Grimaldi
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Terrell Owens was once a great football player, a dominating wide receiver who achieved great success on the field. He is near the top of the NFL record books for the wide receiver position in almost every category, yet it never felt like fans loved him. Unless you count the fans who loved to hate him, then you could say T.O. was one the most beloved players of all-time!

Owens’ antics and celebrations on the field were always about him though and it caused legions of fans to have an immense dislike of him. His selfishness actually got to the point where Owens started using the phrase, “I love me some me” long before he started doing sit-ups in the driveway.

So it’s fair to say that T.O. is pretty vain, and now he seems to have found the perfect job for his vanity. According to his publicist, Diana Bianchini, via Larry Brown Sports, Owens has become a model for the global modeling agency Next Management.

“Terrell has had a modeling contract in the past,” Bianchini wrote in an email. “Most can see why this would be a natural fit for him. NEXT approached him. He signed about a month ago and we are all very excited by this deal.”

There is no question that Owens is in fantastic physical condition and that makes him a great fit as a model, as does his personality. T.O. has always been one of those athletes who craved attention and he’ll surely get that now. Actually, it’s a wonder he hasn’t gotten more exposure in the modeling field before.

Good luck in your new venture T.O. but just remember, if your pictures don’t come out the way you want, please don’t cry and tell everyone:

“That’s my cameraman.”

Too soon?

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