Canadian Hockey Player Punches Referee, Banned for Life

By Renae Juska
Source: YouTube

Hockey can be a pretty brutal sport when it comes to fights on the ice. There is a difference between a typical fight and then crossing the line. I ‘d have to say that punching the referee is definitely crossing the line.

Not only did this Canadian hockey player punch the referee, it was a hard uppercut that clearly left the referee in pain. The violent player was Brett Cook of Nipissing University in Canada. He was being restrained in the third period due to another argument on the ice when he took his fist to the linesman.

Don’t watch the fight in the middle of the screen; take a look at the one in the upper right hand side of the screen.


The Toronto Sun reported that Cook is officially banned from University hockey for life. It was Cook’s fifth year on the Ontario Hockey League and he could have had up to four more years of eligibility left.

There is never an excuse to punch an official in any sport. It doesn’t matter if they made a bad call or if you just get upset, it unethical and extremely rude.  After the incident Cook released an apology to the linesman,

“What I did was wrong, plain and simple. My actions were unacceptable and I take full responsibility. My teammates, coaches and I are thankful that Mr. Piche was not hurt. I am deeply sorry for my actions, for embarrassing my university, the OUA, the CIS and the dignity of the game of hockey, and I fully accept the sanctions determined by the OUA.”

However the apology didn’t cut it and we will probably not see Cook out on the ice ever again. He is probably lucky that the referee didn’t attempt to charge him with assault.  Even if he tried move to another league, I’m not sure if I would want him on my team.


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