Animal Runs Wild During Soccer Game, Player Gets Bitten

By Renae Juska
Source: YouTube

A lot of times we get to see security run down a crazy fan that has decided to run on the field. Occasionally we see animals get on the playing field but they’re normally not hard to catch or they fly away.

This wasn’t exactly the case during a Swiss Super League soccer match between Thun and Zurich.  The animal involved: a marten. It’s not an animal that we see in the United States very often but they are definitely feisty little creatures.

They are related to wolverines, badgers and ferrets and they have bushy tails, retractable claws and apparently very sharp teeth. This little rascal got on the field not once, but twice and it took quite the effort to catch him. It’s actually pretty funny to watch.

I love how the first time the marten comes on the field the players all just stand there. They didn’t seem too concerned with catching him until he returned for the second time.

The first player to catch the marten was Loris Benito from Zurich. After catching the creature, they contained it in a net and treated the bite on Benito’s finger. Clearly the little runt got away since you see Zurich’s goalkeeper, Davide Da Costa catching the animal once again.

Thankfully, goalies wear gloves so Da Costa was able to successfully able to catch the marten without getting bit. At least they were smart enough to not put the creature in a net on the field the second time around. Instead they bundled up the creature and completely removed him from the playing area.

This may not be your typical video, but it sure was a hilarious one. I’m sure if caused a little big of confusion for the players but at least they got it taken care of in a short amount of time.

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