DeAndre Jordan Throws Down Dunk Of The Year

By Riley Schmitt
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

DeAndre Jordan may not be the best dunker that the Los Angeles Clippers have, but he can certainly throw down some great dunks. On Sunday, he had the dunk of the year as he threw down a poster dunk on Brandon Knight. Seriously, this dunk needs to be watched over and over again.

I have no idea why Knight tried to challenge that dunk but it certainly makes one heck of a poster.  That is a play that you are going to see for a long, long time.  Not only is the dunk impressive, but it has a lot of flair behind it.  It is an alley-oop dunk over a guy in the air.  If you can find a dunk better than that this year, let me know.  Otherwise, I am riding with this dunk for the rest of the year.

This is going to be the best dunk of the season.  Poor Knight might have to change his name and move after a play like that.  You can’t live something like that down.  If you thought Blake Griffin could throw down some sweet dunks, I will take this over any dunk he has done.  That may seem strange but it is going to be true.  This is something that is just too powerful to put into words.

The Clippers are having fun this year and they are a threat in the West.  Plays like this may not happen during the playoffs, so you better get your fill now.

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