Fan Gets Hideous Haircut Dedicated to LeBron James

By Renae Juska


Source: Twitter

Back in December, we saw quite the interesting Johnny Football haircut from a Texas A&M Aggies fan. It was pretty intricate but at least it looked pretty sweet.

A loyal LeBron James fan has now decided to devote his haircut to the NBA MVP. However, it really isn’t that cool. A man with the twitter handle @Mackderreck recently posted a picture of his new LeBron haircut.


No offense, but this haircut is hideous. LeBron is the former MVP so if you really want to support him, then you could at least add a little flare to the haircut. Take a look back at the Johnny Football haircut to see how much more depth and color he could have added to the hairstyle.

It doesn’t seem like I’m the only one that thinks this LeBron haircut is hideous, the tweeters that replied to his haircut post weren’t very impressed either. I understand there are some crazy fans out there and this guy is definitely one of them.

I also don’t understand the point of getting these insane haircuts in the first place. If you have a real job, they’re going to make you shave it off eventually. Anyone that keeps this haircut for more than a few days is simply ridiculous.

Long story short, quit the haircuts all together because it really isn’t attractive by any means. The only thing that these crazy cuts do is get attention in public but I don’t really know if I’d want everyone staring at my head in the first place.

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