Hooters Ball Girl Tosses Live Ball Into Crowd

By Renae Juska
Source: YouTube

The Philadelphia Phillies have been using Hooters girls as ball girls for spring training the last six years. I understand that it’s an “appeal” factor for the men in the audience but the Phillies may want to educate the girls on baseball rules before putting them out on the field.

For the second time, a Hooters ball girl has picked up a live game ball. Either it was hard for her to tell that the umpire called it fair, or she was just completely oblivious to the game.


The only credit that I can give her is the fact that she realized her mistake as she walked back to her chair. This makes me think she was just not paying attention during the play.

At least she was able to make the young fan very happy to get a baseball. However, is it really appropriate to use Hooters girls as ball girls for a “family-friendly” sport? Her shorts aren’t covering very much from behind.

Ball girls don’t need to know every single rule in baseball, but they should at least know the difference between a fair ball and foul ball. Clearly, the play followed the ground-rule double after the blonde’s mistake.

Thankfully this was just a spring training game so it didn’t affect anything too horribly. The Phillies have different ball girls during the regular season; those girls have tryouts in order to test their softball skills and baseball knowledge.

Maybe the Phillies should just stick to having the Hooters girls waitress or throw t-shirts into the stands between innings.

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