Gatorade Debutting New Ad Campaign This Week: Video Included

By Dave Daniels
US PRESSWIRE- John David Mercer

Gatorade is releasing a new ad spot debuting this week, which features several Gatorade athletes, including Peyton Manning and Harry Carson. It displays the Gatorade icon in many of the most unique moments in sports’ history.

The ad campaign celebrates Gatorade’s special place in sports – born on the field and used by the best to help athletes achieve their “Lightning Bolt” moments. It will begin airing this week and you can view it below.

The transitions in this new Gatorade commercial are really artfully done; I love the Michael Jordan transition as well as the Peyton Manning one. The Serena Williams shot of her doing the splits is really incredible as well; she is quite an athlete. I’ve enjoyed Gatorade’s last few commercials, especially the Cam Newton one where he is eating energy chews right before a game. That’s why when I found the photo of Cam dunking Gatorade on NBC’s Jenna Wolf, I couldn’t resist making it the feature photo for this article.

It was thanks to the folks at Gatorade that I was able to take a peek at this new ad spot a little early. Coming up, it will be fun to see which basketball players win Gatorade player of the year in each state, and then who wins the national award as well.

Thanks again to Gatorade, and excited to see what is in their future.

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