Brook Lopez Dunks All Over His Brother Robin Lopez

By Riley Schmitt

Brook Lopez was the higher draft pick of the Lopez brothers and he has certainly had the better NBA career up until now.  On Tuesday night, he got another leg up on Robin Lopez when threw down a poster dunk right in the face of his brother.

That is a nice dunk, but it certainly isn’t the best dunk of the week.  However, it is always great when you sibling violence like this.  You can bet that Brook will bring this up for a long time.  It is not often that the two end up playing each other and you know that there has to be a bit of a sibling rivalry with the two.

This may not go down as the dunk of the year but it might have the best back story.  There are not a lot of chances for brothers to dunk on each other in the NBA.  There simply aren’t that many sets in the league.  However, these two are probably the best known out of the twins in the league.  Once again, there aren’t that many but these two take home that distinction.

You are going to see this all over the highlight shows tonight and tomorrow morning.  This might be one of the better plays of Brook’s career.  He has never impressed me, but he has started to show some really good things this year.  Robin has certainly been less impressive than Brook, but he still has a chance to grow.  Maybe this play will motivate him.

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