Soccer fans given pitch-side hot tub

By Stowe Gregory
Image via Grasshopper Zurich’s Facebook page

Swiss soccer club Grasshopper Zurich has recently implemented something rather bizarre for their fans, a set of hot tubs.

The league leaders in Switzerland rewarded two lucky fans with the opportunity to warm up their winter evening on Saturday by giving them a rather unusual set of pitch-side seats in a steaming hot tub.

The relaxation didn’t stop there. With the help of a club sponsor, Grasshoppers gave the supporters free beer and jerseys. The pair who sat in a 97-degree hot tub surely experienced one of the strangest ways to watch a live sporting event because the rest of the stadium was likely to sit there shivering despite being wrapped up in full winter gear.

Image via Grasshopper Zurich’s Facebook page

To top the night off, their team beat St. Gallen 3-1 and they even got in on the celebrations for a goal with a high five as their heroes ran over to celebrate.

Later they were fortunate enough to meet the Grasshopper squad despite wearing only their swim suits–it was surely rather cold. Pictures seem also suggest they were inevitably distracted from the game and instead decided on playing about with the hot tub’s functions.

Grasshoppers have been using the Letzigrund Stadium, owned by rivals FC Zurich this season, until their own ground is completed in 2014, but I wouldn’t expect to see such a seating option become available as a normal feature.


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