Warren Sapp Repeatedly Swears During NFL Network Show

By Riley Schmitt

The dangers of a hot mic can be very real to a TV analyst. Just ask Warren Sapp. The analyst for the NFL Network was not happy with a segment and decided to express himself. Unfortunately, he left his mic on during this exchange and it led to this:


I would wager that Sapp is going to be on the receiving end of a serious talking-to after this exchange.  You have to be aware of your mic at all time.  You simply can’t have audio like this coming across the TV.  That is why a lot of shows are on tape delay, so the censors can pick up what is going on.  In this case, a live mic ended up sneaking through.

Don’t be surprised if this video gets pulled down.  You can bet the league will be on the lookout and getting rid of all of these before they see the light of day.  They do not want to be embarrassed by this situation but things like this do end up happening.  I feel like they should just let it go and let people have their bit of fun.  It has happened to networks in the past and it will happen in the future.

I can see why Sapp is upset, however.  I would guess that he does not like the constant hype of the New England Patriots and he feels like it should probably end.  Of course, there are better ways of expressing it than what he did on Tuesday night.

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