Eric May Throws Down Vicious Dunk Against Northwestern

By Riley Schmitt

If you do not watch a lot of Iowa Hawkeyes basketball, you would be confused by Eric May. His stats have regressed since his freshman year but he has become a better basketball player. On Thursday, May showed off his best skill as he threw down a power jam at the Big Ten Tournament.

The Hawkeyes are on the tournament bubble so a big win over the Northwestern Wildcats is just what the doctor ordered.  Although the Hawks have a very nice looking record, their RPI is down because of their out-of-conference schedule.  When you play a lot of cupcake teams, your computer numbers tend to lag a bit.

However, let us get back to this dunk.  May has thrown down a lot of great dunks in his career and this is certainly one of the better ones he has had.  A lot of Hawkeye fans were hoping he could have a dunk like this on his senior day, but one game later is nothing to laugh at.

If the team is going to qualify for the tournament, they are going to need at least one more win.  To do that, they need May at his best.  He is a guy who scores “loud” points.  He won’t sneak up on you and drop 20.  He might finish a game with four points, but they could be on momentum changing dunks.  That is what makes May special.  He doesn’t do anything that he can’t and he does what he does extremely well.

Look for more May highlights coming soon.

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