LSU Tigers And Les Miles Do The Harlem Shake

By Riley Schmitt

The Harlem Shake is very much a dead meme, but a lot of college football fans were waiting for one team to do a video. That team is the LSU Tigers and the main reason is head coach Les Miles. This is something that is right up his alley and the team did not disappoint with their video.

There are not many people left who find this entertaining but if it involves a guy like Les, it will not be that bad.  The guy can turn anything into an extremely humorous situation and he does not let us down.  I really hope that he starts to show some of those moves on the sideline because that would make him one of the best things to ever happen to college sports. We seriously need more coaches like him in today’s world.

We will see if anymore teams decide to try to come up with one of these videos.  I know that some people would love to see the Alabama Crimson Tide do a video, but you know that will never happen.  Nick Saban is not exactly the type of guy that would do something like this.  In fact, I don’t think he would even enjoy the suggestion of something like this.  Then again, stranger things have happened.

The videos may be over done but it won’t be long before we have a new meme that takes over our lives.  If any of them involve Les Miles, I think the internet will be very happy.


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