20 Hot Pictures of Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods’ WAGs

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Lindsey Vonn and 20 Hot Pictures of Tiger Woods' WAGs


In "honor" of Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn's new relationship, which was made official on Facebook this week, we have compiled a gallery of photos that tell the story of the famous golfer's love life over the past half decade. He's went from Swedish supermodel wife Elin Nordegren to every possible match you can imagine to his current girlfriend, Vonn.

Now before we begin, allow us to make some things clear: Nordegren and Vonn are the only confirmed significant others of Woods. The other attractive ladies in this gallery were all at least somewhat legitimately connected to Woods during his "mistress days" that followed his famous Thanksgiving car wreck, which preceded his and Nordegren's divorce.

These days, Tiger is back on his golf game, which is natural since he's apparently now in another stable relationship. But he has a dark past that possibly includes several of the ladies in this gallery. Regardless of what's true and what's just gossip, you will enjoy the pictures nonetheless!

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Rachel Utichel


Nightclub manager who had a "blatant" affair with Woods according to the New York Post

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Loredana Jolie Ferriolo

Loredana Jolie Ferriolo

Adult model who had some interesting stories about her affair with Woods

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Lindsey Vonn


We've also got Tiger's lastest lover. And she's also a looker.

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Elin Nordegren

Elin Nordegren

We also have Woods' ex-wife, who naturally claims the most photos in this gallery

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Elin Nordegren

Elin Nordegren

She's Swedish, so that obviously makes her even hotter, right?

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Elin Nordegren

Elin Nordegren

What was he thinking?

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Elin Nordegren

Elin Nordegren

Seriously! What was he thinking?!

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Elin Nordegren

Elin Nordegren

There's probably a picture of her like this out there with a caption that says "do you miss me?"

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Cori Rist

Cori Rist

"Manhattan clubgoer" who claimed to have had an affair with Woods

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Cori Rist 2

Cori Rist

Another shot of Rist just in case the first one wasn't enough for you

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Joslyn James

Joslyn James

Actress who was linked to Woods

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Jamie Jungers

Jamie Jungers

Lingerie model claimed to have slept with Woods on the night his father died

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Jaimee Grubbs


Los Angeles cocktail waitress who claimed to have had an affair with Woods

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Kalika Moquin


Club promoter and third alleged mistress of Woods

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Devon James

devon james

Adult film star who claimed Woods fathered her child

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Holly Sampson

Holly Sampson

Adult film star who shared her stories of intimate encounters with Woods

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Julie Postle

Julie Postle

No one knows much about her, but Postle was another alleged mistress of the Tiger

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Lindsey Vonn


After posing for the SI Swimsuit Edition, Vonn turned heads literally everywhere she went.

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Lindsey Vonn


And that hasn't changed.

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Lindsey Vonn


Well, it looks like Woods made it out okay

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Elin Nordegren

Elin Nordegren hot
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Elin Nordegren

Elin Nordegren hot
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Elin Nordegren

Elin Nordegren hot
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Elin Nordegren

Elin Nordegren hot
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Elin Nordegren

Elin Nordegren hot

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  • Crazy_Jake

    There are no hot pictures of those two..

    • musimann

      They are not hot……..

  • Ronnie gethsetter

    Vonn is a no-class trailer-trash Caucasian slut !
    She will be kicked to the curb, once Woulds finds another willing tramp to spread her thighs, for his $$$$$

    • will201966

      Now you racist side is showing. Are you mad that Tiger is hitting that and you are not?

      • David Kelly

        Tiger had a gorgeous wife and children and couldn’t keep his slimy dick in his pants and you spout racist? Maybe you should be angry that the POS makes half your race look bad.

        • teila

          Don’t most cheating men have a “gorgeous” wife and children (who decides what’s gorgeous to Tiger? You? … Elin wasn’t anything special)

          Don’t you consider your girlfriend / wife gorgeous? Would people gasp if you cheated on her soley because the way she looks? Probably not. Just like most people aren’t gasping at Tiger cheating on Elin. Did you gasp in surprise when white movie stars are cheating on by white men? Of course you didn’t/don’t.

          If some white rock star cheated on Elin it would barely be news, but because Tiger cheated on her, everyone acts surprised. Give me a freaking break people. (insert eye roll here)

        • CDUB05

          that must be the white side you are speaking about

    • Papi

      Great body – but her face looks like she’s freggin’ 50 years old !! :O

  • kay2861

    “A tiger cannot change its stripes.” Was there ever a more appropriate adage for this situation?

    • Noelle Lacrosse

      I must admit that Tiger does behave like a true narcissist. But then again, all of the women he beds seem to make it very easy for him to use and discard them.

    • Justice4All

      Reminds me of OJ

  • mobaygal

    Go Tiger!! Hit it and quit it.

  • Bill

    if you don’t get it at home…you will get it elsewhere…marriage and kids shouldn’t end sex ladies and when it does….we will find it somewhere else, no problem!

  • Phil Rozzi

    She just wanted some yellow nigger love

    • musimann

      ain’t that nigga?

      • fhuf1988@aol.com

        Dark-skinned people are in many countries around the world, and socially disadvantaged people are in many countries around the world. You are very ignorant to be calling people names.

        • Mahater

          funny how all the racist come out when a black man is banging a hot chick. this is norm your white women are tired of you guys small packages.. sorry they will settle for a guy with nothing over being w a small package guy. Its proven time and time again. I aint anyones fault but yours. the fault of your lil bitty wang! lol

    • Stanley R Leacock

      wish i could meet you somewhere so i could rearrange your attitude, language and face!

      • tubaman

        phil is right though.all vonn is is a trophy for that arrogant son-of-a- bit–

        • teila

          Oh for goodness sakes, stop it with that silly “trophy” business. This isn’t 1970, the whole trophy ideology died off decades ago which you would know if you weren’t under a rock with your eyes closed. Today it’s simply about women (white & black) dating without caring much about stupid social stigma.

          Quite obvious to any nit-wit, that if anyone is the “trophy” in their relationship it’s Woods. Just get over the fact that today, women in droves are feeling ok about dating the rainbow… about damn time women stopped caring what men think.

      • tubaman

        ass hole

    • Lawrence Vaccarelli

      she is a slut and its got nothing to do with color…she’s a tramp/ pig

    • tesmith47

      hey Phil you might want to check your wife daughter and mom are hot to trot too!! white boys just dont have a long enough stroke

      • David Kelly

        Like a long stroke from behind, do you? Are you related to Woods? NO? Then why drag someone’s family in on your insecurity? It’s that kind of mouthy shit that causes Phil’s attitude.

        • tesmith47

          hit em where it hurts!!!

    • yeahisaiditsowhat

      Thank you George Wallace…
      Tell your boy David Duke I said “Howdy”

  • musimann

    She’s a dumb b*tch if there ever was one. What girl is so f*ck!n stupid to get involved with Tiger? Lindsey Vonn, thats who. She’s just Ho number #214. You think its a coincidence she blew out her knee in a dumb fall when Tiger was there watching? It’s called not concentrating. “Look at me, look at me Tiger, I’m so hot flying through the air” – not. You ought to read the tea leaves girl. He ain’t no good for you. You need to concentrate on skiing, which is what you are good at and leave the dark meat alone. Or you want to see something even funnier, put Tiger on a pair of skis and send him down the mountain. :)

    • teila

      You could’ve just saved a lot of breath by saying the obvious. “I don’t like white women with non white guys.” What’s happening all around you though, and I’m sure you’re oblivious to it… is that women are sick and tired of being around men like you and today feel no hesitation on dating men of other shades… whether it’s done publicly, or (what is the case with many married women today) in secret. The writing’s on the wall. Wake up.

      • BKrog

        Yeah, right: you think it’s not the money that has spiked her interest? Wake up.

        • teila

          … as if money doesn’t spike the interest of most men and women. I don’t know what planet you’ve been living on, but if a woman has a choice of three men, one’s dirt poor, the other average with a 9-5 factory job, and the last guy owns his own large (very successful and profitable) pharmaceutical firm… most women are going with guy #3.
          So what else is new? Not that Lindsey isn’t a self made woman, unlike Elin who’s bio is a relative boring read in comparison. ;)

        • Mark

          Do you honestly think beautiful women would marry “Tom Cruise look a like” homeless men? Haha not a chance!

      • fhuf1988@aol.com

        I didn’t hear anyone “barking” when Mchael Jordan left his Black wife for a white woman!!!

        • teila

          You must not have been listening very well, because Helen Keller could’ve heard the uproar. The same “barking” can be heard whenever a mixed relationship comes to fruition depending on which side of the coin you’re on. Tiger sleeps with Vonn and white men flock to the boards and whine. Michael Jordan leaves a black woman for Yvette and black women whine. Same tired story. I just wish it was visually commonplace so the whiners will get off of it.

      • Bane

        @teila:disqus COME ON… That’s just obnoxious. You took one partial sentence of what that moron said, and turned it into a facile argument about race. We can see that it’s what you wanted to talk about, but it definitely wasn’t what he was talking about. As well as ridiculous, your simple-minded statement about white women dating black men is utterly farcical, and although you thought you were making valid points, you were just furthering your own stupidity, while fueling the ignorant racial war that only exists because people like you keep bringing it up. If more white women are dating black men now, it’s because it has become more socially acceptable, but as far as your comment about married women secretly sleeping with black men, you’re basically throwing your beliefs in the opposite direction. They would be doing it “secretly”, because IT IS unacceptable; because IT IS against popular belief. Spare us from your great “insight”, we don’t need stupid people becoming stupider. Racism only exists because you say it does. People love other people, people hate other people, that’s how it is, was, and always will be. They hate them because of what the do, say, eat, think, whatever. The only people that truly hate others because of their skin color are gang members, sociopaths, and people that were “taught” to be that way. As long as we get rid of affirmative action, the people who teach others to hate because of race (ex: KKK, your grandparents), and we get people like you stop saying stupid sh!% like you just did, racism will not exist. Because it doesn’t exist.

        P.S. @musimann:disqus You too man… Men have sex with women. Just because the media decided to tell you every single person Tiger Woods has had sex with, doesn’t immediately turn his new girlfriend’s into automatic whores, haha. If that were so, no one would ever date him again, and girls should have stopped dating me a long time ago. Biology tells me to put my member into as much strange as I can, so that’s what I did. You don’t know what anyone else’s situation is like, and the only reason you could possibly get as upset as you just were, was over jealousy. Word of advice, don’t let jealousy of rich celebrities take control over you. If you do, your whole life is going to be a long list of failures.

      • Tom

        Race has nothing to do with it. Tiger Woods is a sick pig. Live with it!

    • emanism

      Pure hateration!!!!!!

  • Barry Bond

    Erin is a piece of candy which Tiger is trying to reclaim – Vonn way out her league

  • Barry Bond

    He is just waiting for her to head out for ski season – for him it cant come soone enough – then she willg et the gentle push out the door which will lock behind her and that will be that

  • Ben

    How can there be 20 hot pictures of these two when they’re both not hot? Tiger looks like Baby Godzilla.

  • Sassy1

    Why is yahoo printing this article the day before the Tournament starts… Tiger is more of a person than any of these writers could ever wish to be,,
    And I am sure everyone of them are celibate and have never been with more than one woman…You writers are a joke…What is there that brings so much hate to you people, his looks, money,his education (which is missing in some of these posts.)

  • Harold Kumar

    she must not have been any good in bed….no experience, poor thing

    • barefootmtgirl

      Maybe it was ‘he that was no good in bed, therefore all the other sluts. Trying to find one to get it up rider…..ride poney ride…

  • LingoMan49

    Yow! That is one mannish looking woman. Didn’t she play defensive end for the Chargers? Tiger, your taste in women is truly in your arse.

    • mlebauer

      She rides down hills at up to 100mph riding thin rails pulling up to 2Gs on sheer and often bumpy ice. He whacks a little white ball around manicured fields. Who has bigger balls?

  • ed craft

    big breasts, butt ugly.

    • tesmith47

      no ass either

      • teila

        … as if pasty Elin had any “ass”… Or breasts… But of course you’d be tunnel visioned on the physical attributes of a woman.

  • YaValioCacaWates

    Tiger is the world’s best golfer. This young man has many more records to break., and has a good eye for selecting his women. Lindsey is much hotter than Elin ever was., great job Tiger.

    • CLW

      Erin was a center fold model & hot. Lindsey has a more of a athetic body. She & Tiger have social issues. A pairing made in heaven.

    • johnniea

      your black right?

    • Lawrence Vaccarelli

      Well he got his yellow arse spanked at OAK HILL didn’t he…even brought his slut along to sign autographs at a local ski shop…really ? go away you hoe we don’t want your trashy self around here.

    • tubaman

      I guess she likes alabama black snake

    • Papi


  • sambobama

    the nigger woods dont like nigger women,although the white girls he pays to fuck do look pretty good!

    • djt

      so if he was white and was acting the same way i doubt would comment on it with your limited brain function you pussy fuking racist.

      • teila

        Exactly. Some people can actually see the obvious infantile, overtly ridiculous racial bias in the comments.

    • teila

      Why would you even expect Tiger to by default like black women when he isn’t black? The same nuts would spew the same ridiculousness if Obama had married a white woman. . . where’s all the racially charged comments about Obama marrying a black women? Where’s the outrage?

      The U.S. is one of the most prejudiced countries I’ve ever lived in, but the denial is actually funny, err, sad… both… I supposed that makes it comical in a pathetic way.

      • Papi

        Where are Obama’s ex-girlfriends, anyway ??? Ah, those carefree Wednesday nights in Chicago… Aaaaaah….

    • Ronald Redden

      (Further proof that racism is alive and well in America?)

  • Dug FmJamul

    Good for Tiger! What’s the point of being a rich and famous man if you can’t bed beautiful women whenever you want to?

    • tesmith47

      excellent point, after you are old no one cares

  • klediss

    Oh Boy, no mas punheta para mi. ah, ha , ah a, ha ha haaaaa.ha

  • Noelle Lacrosse

    I still can’t believe that Tiger cheated on his ex-wife with these women. The only thing that would make sense to me as to why he did this is that he has an inferiority complex and needs to constantly stroke his insatiable ego by dating and bedding these women.

    • John Rollins

      No pussy at home……that is why.

    • tesmith47

      cant tell a bok frm the cover, she looks good (in the white esthetic) but can she get down?

    • teila

      What is asinine is you not having enough grey matter between your ears to enable you to realize that Elin was decent looking, but she wasn’t THAT good looking. She’s a pale stick with a decent face… not exactly the physical recipe that would encourage a cheater from cheating.

      You can’t be dumb enough to not realize that men and women cheat (most do) because opportunity presents, and monogamy is a man-made concept, not a biological one in humans. Most men on the planet would cheat if they had the options, opportunity and financial means that Tiger has, and would especially cheat if they knew the chance of getting caught was slim to none.

      You don’t have to have a PhD in Social Psychology to figure that out.

      • tesmith47

        and when men get old and CANNOT “cheat” does anyone care ?

        • teila

          Most people couldn’t care less who Tiger is sleeping with or who other men sleep with unless they’re married to the man. Interesting how such gossip still sells magazines and ad “clicks”.

  • Tucker

    I like to watch Tiger play Golf and I think his personnel life and the women he chooses is his business and not open for discussion. I have seen a lot of guys cheat on their wives and a lot of women cheat on their husbands and its their business not mine or yours..

  • tesmith47

    silly people,who the hell cares which celebrity beds who?

    white guys here are mad because a man of color is getting some white sex.
    most of the folks here did not get upset when ann nicole smith married that rich old white guy for the money, and what about aronald swartzneger, and his fun!!!
    now i agree tiger is a p ssy whipped wimp, but that is a different story.

    • teila

      Someone here has a brain. You’re 100% correct- amazing the comments that are “surprised” that Tiger cheated on Elin… as if she was a goddess-of-a-woman that guys wouldn’t cheat on. People act as if she was the “trophy” (term that people stuck in the 70′s still use) in that relationship.

  • Mike E. Cooney

    What a gutter slut whore…

  • John Rollins

    Not really that attractive but she could do better then Tiger.

  • Julie Pham

    Elin is still the best looking out of the bunch.

    • teila

      Which isn’t saying a whole hell of a lot. Elin was nice, but she’s just another decent face on a pasty stick body, and that’s the point that I’m surprised so many women don’t get. What looks great to you isn’t necessarily the bees knees to a cheating man who’s looking for a woman who can offer up a virtual carnival ride in the bedroom.

    • Papi

      …. yeah, that’s what hurts. ;(… Why ‘Cheatah’ … WHY ?!?! ;D

  • Massolo

    Unless Elin was using sex as a weapon, I can’t for the life of me see giving that up! But then he demonstrated he was a dog without honor, so stupidity must be his other handicap. The new one will learn both just at the old one did.

  • rulegal

    He just needed some comfort that night. Where was Elin? If she traveled to the courses like Lindsay the story would have been different.

  • rulegal

    Lindsay is a much better match with Tiger emotionally and she understands sports professionals. Lindsay, or Elin…I vote Lindsay.

    • A.D


  • Jo

    Probably most of it is made up to sell magazines.

  • Preybrother

    Tiger should be happy because she looks like a stripper.

  • parabok

    if a baby comes from this relationship and looks white–the child is going to a rough life

    • teila

      That’s what they said in the 70′s… Now people laugh about such a imbecilic statement of non fact. What is fact, is that any of Tigers kids will much likely have a better life than your children and a far better education. Frankly, I’d rather be Tiger’s kid than yours.

    • Mahater

      don’t thik any of tigers kids are gonna have a rough life.

  • 4902950E9

    Damn! Not a black girl in the bunch. Bet that pisses the black chicks off.

    • Papi

      Interesting ….

  • Mark Turner

    Vonn has a ginormous head

  • tubaman

    he sure likes white meat,doesn’t he?

    • RussianMobPrincess

      …the other white meat, maybe (PORK). :)

  • djt

    mad because someone other than white is sleeping with a white fine woman, you self concious little dick pale faced losers.

    • teila

      Lindsey fine? You guys are killing me here. Neither Lindsey or Elin are “fine” but you don’t have to be black to know that Elin’s physical attributes weren’t exactly something to talk about… nor is Lindsey’s face. The main take away though is that we don’t know (and shouldn’t care) how Lindsey compares in Tiger’s mind to Elin. Perhaps Lindsey lets loose more than Elin? Who knows? What I find interesting is the social science and bias towards Tiger dating who he dates. The hypocrisy and bias is laughable. Read the comments and you couldn’t make some of the comments up if you tried. Ridiculous racial bias that shows just how socially in the dark ages the U.S. really is.

  • bearcat1974

    Vonn looks like a pig ham like and shaped like a large full ham

  • RussianMobPrincess

    She is NOT HOT!!

    • Papi

      She’s got an OLD lookin’ face – what’s up wit DAT, girlfriend ?!?

  • Lance

    Tiger woods is my HERO! GO TIGER!

    • Bayview Herb

      Speaking of Lance, Willy Nelson recently wondered why everyone is down on Lance Armstrong after winning 7 championships on drugs. His take? “I couldn’t even find my bike when I was on drugs.”

      • Papi




  • mlebauer

    Vonn can tame the Tiger if anyone can. She rides down bumpy sheer ice covered slopes at up to 100mph pulling 2Gs in the turns. He whacks a white ball around manicured fields. Who has bigger balls?

    • 54StarryNights

      This unflattering photo makes one wonder if she takes steroids.

  • 54StarryNights

    You’d have to be out of your mind to sleep with a man-slut like Tiger woods. He has to be a potential breeding ground of STDs considering the number of women he has slept with.

  • down_with_Bathhouse_Barry

    Regardless of what one might think of Tiger, there’s no question he’s been getting some quality trim.

  • carlberlin

    One thing is for certain he hates BLACK women. Racist!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

    • Papi

      Survey says…….

      • bob


  • Tammy Jones

    I was in Tunica, Miss at the casino ,Tiger sent one of his men over where I was playing slots and ask if I will meet up with him ,I told him no I don’t do those things. This man well never be true to any women!

    • Papi


    • bob

      yeah right, im supposed to believe someone named tammy jones?

  • Bob Merrihew

    Great comments. Is everyone still angry at bad boy ? Why don’t you focus on your own lives? I’m sure he cares very little about your comments, as he travels the world and cashes million dollar checks because he worked really hard to be a champion golfer.

  • Papi

    Money, Fame & Power… looks and personality ??? Eh… that’s a poor man’s game …

  • bob

    nordgren wasnt a “supermodel” she was working as a maid/babysitter when her boss a freind of tiger introduced her to him.

  • John Yowza

    Some of these look like skanks, WTF Tiger, you can do better than that

  • burnett blackmon

    they all have something in common: they’re all coal burners. wouldn’t spit on any of them if they were on fire.

  • Al

    Who says money can’t buy you everything? Everything I want is in those pictures. Elin is the best though, or should I say was the best? lol.

  • Al Shibs

    To All The Heterosexual Males Who Made Disparaging Comments: You couldn’t be more full of sh*t… As a “well-over-the-hill” heterosexual male, I am certain of only a few things in this wacky world, and one of them is that NONE OF YOU would kick ANY OF THESE GALS out of bed for… damn near anything…