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20 Hot Pictures of Florida Cheerleaders

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20 Hot Pictures of Florida Cheeleaders

Derick E. Hingle - USA TODAY Sports

Another in our slideshow series of hot college basketball cheerleaders and this time the new challengers, cheerleaders from the sunny summer state of Florida! With crocodile power (Florida Gators) at the forefront these girls have provided us with some good entertainment away from the game action. It's a close battle to recognize who really does have the hottest cheerleaders in the 2013 NCAA Tournament, but that's for you to decide and to provide you with some hints here and there, and the pictures.

With the cheerleaders in Florida coming from a beach state, with hot weather, Disney world and other reasons to get outside, the girls in Florida have the benefit of being able to lie on the beach all day! I have to admit, there are many Florida Gators girls in here, but can you really deny it? They boast some girls worthy of good entertainment. But are they as good as the other cheerleaders? We want you to decide! Comment below and let us know or reach out to us on Twitter using the hashtag #RML.

Or check out our videos section to see some more of our vies regarding the Basketball cheerleaders! Over there we've been looking at the March Madness match-ups and deciding who would win if it came down to cheerleaders rather than on the court action. We've developed some interesting opinions but again, you're the fans too. You're the ones who may well see these cheerleaders in person, and if so there's no one better to judge.

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florida gators
Christopher Hanewickel - USA SPORTS Today

By the looks of her smile, cheerleading is good fun!

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Florida gators
Don McPeak - USA TODAY Sports

Next up then, Florida Gators proving redheads can rock it.

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Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports


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Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Half shirts!

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Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports


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Florida gators
Derick E. Hingle - USA TODAY Sports

Looking the wrong way! Florida Gators

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Florida Gators
Don McPeak - USA TODAY Sports

Florida Gators again!

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florida gators
Dale Zanine - USA TODAY Sports

Yes, most left are Florida Gators.

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Florida gators
Rick Osentoski - USA TODAY Sports

Pom pom

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florida gators
Peter G. Aiken - USA TODAY Sports

Alligators bite, right?

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florida state seminole
Christopher Hanewickel - USA TODAY Sports

Florida Gators go go go.

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Florida gators
Christopher Hanewinckel - USA TODAY Sports

Cheesy grin

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Florida Gators
Christopher Hanewinckel - USA TODAY Sports

The clothing is a bit small, don't you think?

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florida gators
Kyle Terada - USA TODAY Sports

White shoes are nice.

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florida gatoes
Kyle Terada - USA TODAY Sports
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Florida gators
Rob Foldy - USA Today Sports

I assume these photographers enjoy this part of their job.

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florida gators
Rob Foldy - USA TODAY Sports

To the tune of the Power Rangers theme... "Go go Florida Gators!"

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Florida state seminoles
Paul Abell - USA TODAY Sports

If you don't know the tune, don't feel ashamed.. Here is a Florida State Seminole girl!

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Florida gators
Rob Foldy - USA TODAY Sports

The Florida Gators' turn to sit down!

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florida gators
Christopher Hanewinckel - USA Today Sports