Chase Fieler Throws Down Epic Dunk Against Georgetown

By Riley Schmitt

Not many people knew a lot about the Florida Gulf Coast Eagles or Chase Fieler. After Friday night, that certainly changed. The Eagles were dunking on everyone and Fieler was leading the charge. In fact, Fieler may have had the play of the day with this epic finish of an alley-oop pass.

If you want to pull an upset in the big dance, you need plays like this.  The Eagles were not afraid of their opponent and they did everything in their power to pull the upset.  There should be teams that are scared to play this team.  They will do everything in their power to wear you out.  They will run up and down the court like no other.  They will dunk on you and you will enjoy it.

You will see this play on highlights for a long, long time.  It is not every day that a 15 seed takes out a two seed.  You need a little bit of luck to pull something like that off and this is one of those plays.  A lot of things could have gone wrong on this play.  He could have missed the dunk or the pass could have flown out of bounds.  However, lady luck was on the side of the Eagles.  The play ended up being perfect.

Can this team make a run through the rest of the tournament?  You never know.  They played a great game on Friday and things are looking up.  Just know that Chase Fieler is going to be a household name now.

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