Marshall Henderson's Post-Game Tantrum Caught on Video

By Renae Juska
Source: Denny Medley- USA Today Sports

Even though March Madness is nationally televised on major TV networks, not everything is caught on camera. Thanks to the fans in the stands, we sometimes get to see little bits of players as they exit the court. Sometimes the players are excited and willing to give high-fives and other times the players are extremely pissed off.

After Ole Miss’ loss to La Salle in the NCAA tournament, Marshall Henderson decided to be the angry player as he exited the court.  Henderson had a little bit of a temper tantrum as he kicked some water bottles and threw out the double-middle finger as he entered the tunnel. The video doesn’t have the best quality but you’ll get the point.

Luckily a coach got ahold of him before he caused too big of a ruckus. If Henderson wasn’t a member of the team, it’s likely that Ole Miss wouldn’t even be at the big dance. He currently still leads the SEC in scoring at 19.7 ppg. Thanks to his scoring average, he led the team to a 27-9 record and they were ranked in the top-25 earlier this season.

Supposedly someone made a comment about his sister and brought up his history with drugs. I don’t think that’s a completely legitimate reason to get mad but I think the loss to La Salle didn’t help the situation. I’m assuming the fans really did initiate the crude comments but this is just another example of Henderson’s immaturity. He already had his incidents with marijuana, stolen money, failed drug tests and jail-time last year and this just puts the icing on the cake.

Henderson’s temper tantrum isn’t setting an good example for the young kids in the stands and it’s just going to make his reputation even worse than it already was. Some of these athletes need to learn when it’s time to draw the line and Henderson just proved that he is one of them

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