Rory McIlroy Receives an Inspirational Message from Tiger Woods

By Ben Grimaldi
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Tiger Woods and Roy McIlroy have become very good friends on and off the golf course. Just a few weeks ago they played a few rounds of golf together when no one was watching, have filmed a Nike commercial together and this morning, Tiger reached out to the former world’s number one golfer with an inspirational message.

According to, Woods sent a somewhat vulgar text message to McIlroy in order to motivate him to play better. I don’t want to offend any readers so you can find the message here:

In short, the message from Tiger was for McIlroy to snap out of his funk and play better golf. Well if this whole golf thing falters, again, Tiger could have job as a motivational speaker in his future.

It’s actually pretty amazing that Woods has struck up a friendship with a rival player since he and Phil Mickelson have always seemed to have the exact opposite relationship that Woods and McIlroy seem to have. I have no idea what has changed in Woods but this is the type of thing that fans have wanted to see from Tiger. He’s long been thought of as a fierce competitor and somewhat of a jerk off the course, so this is something totally new from Woods.

We’ve become used to seeing the angry Woods who throws his clubs and yells at people who take a picture in his backswing; not the funny, friendly guy that wrote that text. The message he sent McIlroy makes him seem like a normal, average guy who talks to his friends the same way every guy talks to their friends. In short, the message has humanized Tiger Woods.

Let’s not forget, Woods just took the world’s number one golf ranking away from McIlroy and now he’s telling him to wake up and win the tournament this week. If that isn’t a softer Woods, I don’t know what is?

There’s no word on how Rory McIlroy took the message but maybe the only way to find out is to see how McIlroy plays in upcoming tournaments. Until then, we won’t know how good of a motivational speaker Tiger really is?

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