Reid Flair’s Death a Tragedy for Professional Wrestling and his Family

By David Miller
reid flair
Source: Studio 11b

The description sounds all too familiar to those who follow professional wrestling. A wrestler is found dead in his hotel room on the night he was to perform in front of fans doing what he loved to do. This time, the tragic death hits every wrestler and wrestling fan of the past thirty plus years. Scheduled to appear with his legendary father, Reid Flair was instead found dead in his hotel room. I’m left shaking my head once again along with millions of others.

I still remember rolling out of bed as a five year old and stumbling to watch wrestling any time I could on Saturday. Sometimes I was lucky enough to catch the Superstation TBS broadcasting NWA wrestling and the legendary Four Horsemen. Their leader, Ric Flair, sadly is not playing a part tonight. Tragically his son Reid, who many wrestling fans have followed since he showed up with David Flair on WCW some years ago, is no longer with us.

Tragedy somehow doesn’t say it. I want to cry and scream all at the same time. How can this keep happening? Why do so many wrestlers get found this way before their time? How many great matches did Reid Flair have in his future? What role if any would he ever play alongside his father? So many unanswered questions arise. The most terrible unanswered question of all is why this keeps happening.

Perhaps right now that doesn’t matter. For now all that matters is that on this sacred weekend, a family is having to deal with the loss of their son and brother long before his time. I don’t want to guess at what might have happened or speculate as to what could have been done. There is only one thing to do for the Flair family.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Ric Flair and all of the Flair family through this terribly trying time. May the grace of the almighty somehow allow you some comfort. The entire wrestling world, including all of its fans, mourns with you.

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