20 Hottest WAGs of Tennis Players

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20 Hottest WAGs of Tennis Players

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I am not the biggest tennis fan in the world, but if the cameras consistently showed the 20 hottest wives and girlfriends on this list, I would make sure to tune into every match.

Typically, when one thinks about the hottest wives and girlfriends of professional athletics, football and baseball players come to mind. Even European soccer stars have some ridiculously beautiful ladies at their side. With that being said, I might have to agree that tennis players claim the top spot in this discussion.

I was never aware that tennis players hooked up with some of the most stunning women in the world. I guess I should have known considering how many physically attractive women grace the stands at all of the major tournaments.

Models and actresses make up the majority of the gorgeous WAGs on this list. Some of them have even put their career on hold just to tour with their significant other. If I were one of these lucky guys, I would stay in the best shape possible just to make sure I am physically fit to play tennis for a very long time.

Make sure to click through the slideshow of the 20 hottest WAGs for the 2013 tennis season. Also, make sure to comment on who you think is the most gorgeous lady of them all. If one of your favorite tennis WAGs did not make the list, please let me know below in the comment section. However, make sure to be ready to back your opinion.

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20. Cecilia de Liberti (Juan Martin del Potro)


Is there any wonder why this gorgeous model cracks the top 20 WAGS list?

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19. Emily Snider (James Blake)


The publicist expanded her horizons when she married American tennis player James Blake. At least now he does not have to be so bummed about being ranked 90th in the world.

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18. Biljana Sesevic (Janko Tipsarevic)


Biljana Sesevic is a former TV host and model who is all the motivation Janko Tipsarevic needs to stay in the top 10 of the ATP world rankings.

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17. Jarah Mariano (Fernando Verdasco)


Jarah Mariano dated Fernando Verdasco for a long time, but several reports suggest the tennis player has moved on to another gal on this list. For now, Mariano will be left at No. 17 because the Sports Illustrated swimsuit and Victoria’s Secret model is so ridiculously hot.

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16. Jenni Mostrom (Robin Soderling)


Jenni Mostrom attended Nova Southeastern University on a golf scholarship, but the tennis world is happy to have her.

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15. Francesca Fichera (Filippo Volandri)


The TV and game show host might have to work a little harder these days now that Filippo Volandri is no longer in the ATP World Tour top 100.

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14. Stacey Gardner (Mardy Fish)


Stacey Gardner, a former Deal or No Deal briefcase model, also has brains to go along with the beautiful body as she serves as an attorney in California.

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13. Camilla Belle (Fernando Verdasco)


The 10,000 B.C. actress is the other gal on this list who is romantically linked to Verdasco. It is believed that Camilla Belle is the one who currently owns his heart, but if the reports are not true it will not be a big deal. Belle will be busy as she is scheduled to be in eight movies that will be released in the next year.

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12. Sara Foster (Tommy Haas)


The 90210 actress, who has made several appearances in various television shows and movies, married Tommy Haas in 2010.

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11. Kim Sears (Andy Murray)

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This ridiculously hot WAG has been dating Andy Murray for over six years. It does not appear the two are engaged yet, but Murray better step on it or risk losing the gorgeous Kim Sears.

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10. Jelena Ristic (Novak Djokovic)


Why wouldn’t the No. 1 ranked tennis player in the world have an unbelievably gorgeous girlfriend who never leaves his side?

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9. Maria Perello (Rafael Nadal)


Rafael Nadal reportedly kept his six-year relationship with Maria Perello a secret for almost half of the time they have been together. If I was dating Perello, I would make sure the entire world knew.

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8. Vika (Alexandr Dolgopolov)


Yep, when you are this hot there is no need for a last name.

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7. Donay Meijer (Bernard Tomic)


The stunning model put her career on hold to support Bernard Tomic’s tennis career last year. Donay Meijer also proved that she is not all looks as she has continuously worked hard on a pharmacy degree.

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6. Bec Hewitt (Lleyton Hewitt)


The Australian soap opera actress and singer married Lleyton Hewitt in 2005 after dating for only six weeks. The lucky couple has three children together.

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5. Anfisa Stakhovsky (Sergiy Stakhovsky)


To be married to Anfisa Stakhovsky would be a dream come true. And apparently all it took was to be a mediocre tennis player as she is clearly way out of Sergiy Stakhovsky’s league.

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4. Ester Satorova (Tomas Berdych)


It did not take long for Tomas Berdych to hook up with Czech fashion model Ester Satorova after he broke up with girlfriend Lucie Safarova, and I cannot blame him.

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3. Zaira Nara (Juan Monaco)


I’m just going to let the photo do all of the talking.

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2. Suncica Travica (Viktor Troicki)


Thank goodness for personal photo sharing and every social media site that supports it.

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1. Brooklyn Decker (Andy Roddick)


Did you really believe someone else would be No. 1 on this list? You would think one of these WAGs would be able to dethrone Brooklyn Decker at some point, but it does not appear likely.