20 Hottest NCAA WAGs

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20 Hottest NCAA Wives and Girlfriends


NCAA wives and girlfriends have historically never received much attention in the media. However, it appears that has all changed with social media web sites, such as Twitter, taking over the internet.

Anytime a hot wife or girlfriend appears in the stands during their significant other’s collegiate game, it is instantly trending on the internet. Brent Musburger single-handedly made Katherine Webb a household name, and jumpstarted her career in the process. Now, it appears other hot WAGs want to be the next big thing to appear on television.

It was pretty clear no team was prepared for the Florida Gulf Coast Eagles in the earlier rounds of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. However, what no one was really ready for was Andy Enfield’s model wife to appear in the stands. If college basketball was not already the most watched sport in the month of March, Amanda Marcum shot it to the top of the list. March Madness will never be the same after this year. Hopefully, UCLA can make a solid run during the 2013-14 so that Marcum will get more television coverage. At least her image has been plastered in enough places to fill the time until she makes another appearance next season.

Make sure to click through the slideshow of the 20 hottest NCAA WAGs. Also, make sure to comment on who you think is the most gorgeous lady of them all. If one of your favorite collegiate sport WAGs did not make the list, please let me know below in the comment section. However, make sure to be ready to back your opinion.

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20. Carol Muschamp (Will Muschamp)


Will Muschamp is lucky to have a hot wife who is willing to move to four different states and root for five different teams in the past 10 years.

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19. Kathleen Swinney (Dabo Swinney)


Kathleen Swinney has been married to Dabo Swinney for almost 20 years. The mother of three is very involved in the Clemson University community.

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18. Megan Eifert (Wes Lunt)


Oklahoma State quarterback Wes Lunt may not go to the same school as his girlfriend Megan Eifert, but I am sure he finds time to visit.

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17. Abi Brown (Seth Doege)


Seth Doege recently tied the knot with long-time girlfriend Abi Brown. Now, the Texas Tech quarterback is hoping to make a name for himself in the NFL.

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16. Taylor Stathes (Tajh Boyd)

Taylor Stathes’ Twitter

Taylor Stathes caught Tajh Boyd’s eye while cheerleading for Clemson.

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15. Sydni Paige Russell (Tyrann Mathieu)


Even though Tyrann Mathieu is technically no longer at the collegiate level, it would be a shame not to include NBA dancer Sydni Paige Russell.

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14. Whitney Hand (Landry Jones)


Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Landry Jones’ college football career may be over, but at least he has his wife Whitney Hand to keep him busy.

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13. Mary Lavin (Steve Lavin)


How the St. John’s University basketball coach was able to land this beautiful WAG is a mystery.

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12. Victoria Lowery (Landon Collins)

Victoria Lowery’s Twitter

Landon Collins made headlines when his mother visibly disagreed with his decision to attend Alabama. I have to imagine one of the reasons he chose the school was because his girlfriend, Victoria Lowery, had already committed.

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11. Heather Carr (Derek Carr)

Heather Carr’s Twitter

David Carr’s younger brother, Derek Carr, followed in his footsteps by getting married to a beautiful woman while still attending Fresno State. Hopefully, Derek will have better luck at the next level if he ever gets there.

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10. Brooke Heaps (Jake Heaps)

Brooke Heaps’ Twitter

Brooke Heaps has already graduated from college, but expect to see her on Kansas University’s campus with her quarterback husband.

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9. Shalin Klein (Collin Klein)


Even if Collin Klein cannot make it at the next level, at least he has a gorgeous wife to keep him company.

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8. Lauren Cook (Taylor Martinez)


Lauren Cook may not know how to drive, but Taylor Martinez doesn’t care.

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7. Brittany Langdon (Matt Barkley)


It is unknown which NFL team will draft Matt Barkley. However, the fan base that does acquire the quarterback will be lucky because they will also get Brittany Langdon.

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6. Sidni Vaughn (David Scully)


Georgia Tech’s biggest win over Georgia never occurred on the gridiron. It happened when Sidni Vaughn decided to transfer schools to be near placekicker David Scully.

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5. Layla Kiffin (Lane Kiffin)


There is no question Layla Kiffin is the hottest WAG of any college football coach on the planet, or at least that can be found on the internet.

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4. Lindsey Duke (Blake Bortles)


Lindsey Duke is the one on the left, not like it would really matter. Central Florida quarterback Blake Bortles would be lucky to have either gal in the photo.

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3. Sarah Savage (Johnny Manziel)


Sarah Savage was the most talked about college football WAG for quite some time after this photo of her with Johnny Manziel’s Heisman trophy surfaced.

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2. Katherine Webb (A.J. McCarron)


Musburger famously could not shut up about how beautiful Webb is during the National Championship. Since her recent shot to celebrity, she has worked at the Super Bowl for Inside Edition, appeared on reality television and is modeling in the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

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1. Amanda Marcum (Andy Enfield)


March Madness has never been the same after the world got a look at Enfield’s unbelievably gorgeous wife. The former Maxim model will now take her talents to California as Enfield just took the head coaching job at USC.