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10 MLB Players Who Would Excel In The Octagon

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10 MLB Players Who Would Excel In The Octagon


The UFC and Major League Baseball may have more in common than meets the eye and one day could think of merging together.

First Similarity: Baseball players have their own walk out music when they stroll to the plate or strut from the bullpen to the mound, much like mixed martial art fighters who swagger out to their entrance music of choice.

Second Similarity: Baseball Players are very secure of their masculinity often tapping one another’s buttocks or adjusting their hardware in view of the camera. Fighters are similar as they are scantily clothed rolling around the octagon covered in one another's bodily fluids.

Third Similarity: Both mixed martial arts fighters and baseball players love the microphone and self-propaganda, just ask Nick Swisher or Nick Diaz.

Major League Baseball is home to some of the world's most talented athletes, however some of the notorious players of yesteryear would have also made great octagon combatants. The likes of Ty Cobb, Pete Rose , Mark McGwire and Dave Kingman no doubt could have held their own with the best of them.

On the flip side, I am sure Georges St.Pierre has the agility and athleticism to turn a double play or what about Jon Bones Jones going upper tank at the dish?

Regardless, if Major League Baseball ever decides to partner up with the UFC, here are 10 modern day baseball players who may have success in the octagon.

Clayton Richer covers the Toronto Blue Jays for Rant Sports. Follow and interact with him on Twitter at @MLBHotCorner.

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Jon "The Giant" Rauch


Jon Rauch is 6'11", weighs 290 pounds and has a neck tattoo. Enough said.

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Cole "The Under Dog" Hamels


Cole Hamels may look lanky at 195 pounds, but the hurler isn't afraid to drop the gloves. In the minor leagues, Hamels broke his hand in a bar fight. The Under Dog isn't afraid to dance.

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Reed "Nails" Johnson


Johnson sits 6th on the active hit by pitch list being plunked 119 times in his career and a league leading 21 times in 2006. Johnson would run through a brick wall to catch a ball, so he could surely take a punch. Nails would be the Clay Guida version, pure heart and soul.

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Johnny "Kick Boxer" Cueto


Johnny Cueto was involved in a brawl as a member of the Cincinnati Reds and took to kicking players in the head instead of throwing down. The victim of the kick to the head missed time due to a concussion.

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Frank "Snap" Francisco


Francisco once hurled a chair into the stands hitting fans which led to a hospital visit for a fan and an eventual lawsuit. Snap is pure WWF, but we can mold him for the octagon.

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Russell "Public Enemy" Martin


Martin is currently a villain in his native land of Canada after bailing on the World Baseball Classic a week before the event. Besides that, Martin trains in mixed martial arts in the offseason. He may need it when he returns home in the offseason.

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Delmon "What Were You Thinking" Young


Delmon has had a long list of troubles involving bats and umpires to anti-semantic outbursts. This guy makes the Diaz brothers look like choir boys.

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Alfredo "Psycho" Aceves


Aceves has received a ton of publicity of late due to his questionable actions, but look no further than the WBC brawl where Aceves was running around the field punching players like a man possessed by the devil.

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Adam "The Enforcer" Dunn


Dunn is 6'6" and 280 pounds. The man can hit bombs and no doubt throw bombs. He's a definite heavy weight contender in the octagon.

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Alex "Mr. Wonderful" Rodriguez


Rodriguez probably won’t pass the sanctioned tests to fight in the octagon, but who wouldn't like to see him get punched in the face? Just ask Jason Vartiek.