Burglars Take Advantage Of NBA Player’s Moroccan-themed Birthday Celebration

By Jeff Everette

Miami Heat superstar, Chris Bosh, was out celebrating his 29th birthday last night, while thieves were allegedly robbing his home.



Bosh and his wife were out at Miami hotspot, Briza on the Bay, and were enjoying a night of Moroccan flavor. The party featured belly dancers, camels and fire breathers, any of which should have been enough to warn Bosh that something was just not right. Well, the belly dancers may not have given it away, but the camel named Henri that met them at the door should have.

What is Bosh having a Moroccan themed party for, anyways? This wasn’t his Super Sweet Sixteen we are talking about here, it was his 29th birthday, an age that bespeaks of maturity and growth. Whatever though, if it pleased him to have a themed party with fire breathing stunt people and camels walking around, then more power to him.

While the theme is shocking to us, it was what was waiting for him at home that surprised the Heat big man. Coming home and realizing that his house had been robbed was certainly a downer after a night filled with Moroccan wonder. Any plans of further heated celebration were doused by the cold reality of their security being violated.

The worst part of this is that a state of the art security system would cost them much less than the $340k worth of belongings that were taken. It is a simple application of the old Benjamin Franklin adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Maybe Colonial America could be the theme for the next Bosh blowout. The burglars will certainly mark the date on their calendar in bright red.


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