Johnny Manziel Surprisingly Can't Accurately Throw a Baseball

By Renae Juska
Source: Time Heitman- USA Today Sports

Johnny Manziel may have accuracy when throwing a football but he doesn’t quite succeed when pitching a baseball. Manziel was given the honor of throwing the first pitch at the RangersAngels game on Sunday night.

Manziel said he was nervous to throw the first pitch at the game. The freshman was an unexpected superstar for the Texas A&M Aggies this season and he even started in the Cotton Bowl. This kid has performed in front of large audiences more than once and was under pressure the entire football season.There is a little commotion at the beginning of the video but Manziel walks towards the mound at the 53-second mark.

I don’t quite know how his pitch is so high and out to the side. Maybe the size of the ball had something to do with it? You’d think that that someone who throws a football for a living would be able to at least throw a decent baseball pitch. I guess it could have been worse though; he could have bounced it and made a complete fool of himself.

Better yet, Manziel has played baseball before. According to USA Today, the quarterback also played second base and short stop during high school. Considering he was an infielder, he should have been able to throw a pitch over the plate. Luckily, Rangers first baseman Mitch Moreland was able to jump out and snag the ball before it got all the way to the backstop.

On top of throwing the football on the field, he also teamed up with Dude Perfect to show us some of his crazy trick shots with a football. I’m honestly just shocked at his lack of accuracy with a baseball. Let’s just say that I think he made a good choice by choosing to play college football rather than baseball.

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