Miami Marlins Television Shows Barely-Clothed Women Dancing in Ballpark

By Michael Terrill
Miami Marlins Television Shows Barely Clothed Women Dancing in Stadium
Photo courtesy of @CorkGaines

With only one win through the first seven games of the 2013 Major League Baseball season, it is understandable why the Miami Marlins have had to go to such drastic measures to keep fans entertained. That is the only thing I can think of when barely-clothed women dancing in a bar in Marlins Park was shown on Miami’s television broadcast.

I am not going to make a big deal about how parents would prefer their children not to see women in skimpy outfits dancing when tuning into Monday night’s broadcast. Common sense dictates that children should not be exposed to something like that when watching a baseball game.

On the other hand, considering the numerous violent video games and movies kids are exposed to in this day and age, I cannot imagine anyone was damaged from three ladies dancing. Not to mention, how many people are even watching the Marlins broadcast in the first place?

It is also obvious from the photo that fans in the ballpark can clearly see the women shaking their body. As a grown man, this would be quite entertaining. If I paid good money to take in the game in person and Miami had only mustered one hit against the Atlanta Braves by the time the seventh inning rolled around, I would be quite pleased with what was taking place.

However, if I was a father and brought my children with me to see the Marlins play, I have to imagine it would be an uncomfortable position to be in.

It is quite clear the Marlins are a flamboyant franchise, given their logo and uniform colors. When an organization is considered the most flamboyant in all of baseball and headed for another awful season, they must have over-the-top entertainment perform each night.

How else are they going to get their money’s worth after paying over $634 million to construct the ballpark?

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