"Twitter Model" Jenna Shea Offers "Life Lessons" to Basketball Stars Like Peyton Siva

By Paul Seaver

On Monday night, Louisville guard Peyton Siva had some fun. Maybe even a little too much.

Siva’s impressive stat line helped key the Cardinals’ third national championship on Monday, as Louisville cut down the nets in Atlanta. In the win, Siva scored 18 points, but he also collected six rebounds, five assists and four steals. The accomplishment was worthy of some attention and that’s exactly what Siva got on Monday night.

Have you ever heard of Jenna Shea? Well, she a self-proclaimed “Twitter Model” who pretty much put Siva in a tough spot on Monday night. Shea, who has been connected to James Harden in the past, proceeded to release some photo messages last night that show the two talking and flirting. Shea has over one million Twitter followers, so things spread pretty quickly from there. In addition, it’s a known fact that Siva has a girlfriend, so now the Louisville senior is certainly in some hot water.

Ah yes, the power of social media. It gives people like Shea the opportunity to feel powerful and make an unnecessary scene.

Now if Shea’s claims are true, Siva certainly is the one at fault, but the point guard just played in his final collegiate game, winning a national championship in the process. Shea then made the decision to call him out. Why? Probably attention, what else would she be looking for?

On Tuesday morning, she then tweeted out a response to the situation:

Shea clearly makes a living by selling herself and then offering helpful advice on Twitter (sarcasm). She’s not afraid to admit it either; it’s what she does and who she is.

So what’s this story all about? It’s about the power of social media, that’s all.

It’s gossip that some might laugh at, others might roll there eyes at, but all in all — it’s gossip that makes most people say, “Hmm interesting, whelp back to the real world.” Siva’s likely headed to play professionally in Europe and this story will be about as long lived as North Carolina A&T‘s chances against the Cardinals two weeks ago.

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