Chicago Cubs Surprised by Goat's Head Delivered to Wrigley Field

By Jeric Griffin

Arguably the funniest (and most morbid) prank in the history of baseball was played on the Chicago Cubs Wednesday when a goat’s head was delivered to team owner Tom Ricketts at Wrigley Field. Naturally, police are investigating with what the club calls an “intimidating package,” which makes it all the more hilarious.

In case you’re not a sports nut, the curse believed by the Cubs faithful to be haunting the team originated from the owner of Billy Goat Tavern, William Sianis, whose goat was denied entrance to Wrigley Field during the 1945 World Series. With each passing miserable season, more and more members of Chicago’s fans believe in the curse, which is said to be the reason the Cubs haven’t won a title since 1908.

The delivered goat’s head isn’t believed to be related to the Cubs’ game against the Milwaukee Brewers being postponed on Wednesday due to rain.Whoever the unidentified person is who dropped off the “intimidating package” is now hated by some Cubs fans, loved by others after providing laughs to the rest of the sports world on Wednesday, but especially Chicago White Sox fans.

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