Dude Perfect Trick Shots at Final Four Ferris Wheel

By Renae Juska
Source: YouTube

If you were in Atlanta during the NCAA Final Four, then you discovered that they went above and beyond with activities and events for fans to attend. One of the most unique things they had this year, a ferris wheel. It may seem a little random but Dude Perfect decided to make a visit to Atlanta and take some new trick shots.

This crew has made a variety of trick shot videos in the past and they never fail to amuse me. These guys asked to borrow the Capital One Ferris Wheel in Atlanta in order to shoot their most recent video.

The fact that two guys made the shot is pretty impressive. However, the fact that they both made back-to-back shots is bizarre; and it doesn’t look like there was any clip-editing at that point of the video. I’d be interested to find out how many times it took them to pull that one off.

I guess this wasn’t Dude Perfect’s most exciting video but if it weren’t for this, a lot of people probably wouldn’t have known that they even had a ferris wheel at the Final Four. They pretty much just go around and circles and take some crazy shots, but I’d like to see an NBA star go out there and see how many tries it takes.

If you doubt me that these guys have some pretty amazing talent at taking crazy shots, check out their trick shots with Johnny Manziel and you may become more impressed.

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