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LeBron James Throws Alley-Oop to Himself Video

Near the beginning of the Miami Heat‘s domination of the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday night, LeBron James made one of those plays that just makes you sit back and say “wow.” After a Bucks turnover, James took the fast break down the left side and left his feet in a two-on-one with Mike Miller against Milwaukee guard Monta Ellis. Ellis dropped back to defend the pass at the last possible second, but instead of panicking, James simply tossed the ball against the backboard instead of to Miller. Then the self-named King jumped up again to slam home the alley-oop assist to himself.

Seriously, could anyone else in the NBA have made this play? It took the composure to not turn the ball over, the wherewithal to throw the ball off the backboard, the knowledge that it wasn’t a violation and the athleticism to complete the play during a fast break with a defender just inches away. Yeah, this is definitely one of those “wow” plays by LeBron.