Metta World Peace Returned From Injury Because He's "Too Sexy For His Cat"

By Paul Seaver

Metta World Peace made his return to the Los Angeles Lakers‘ lineup on Tuesday night, just 12 days removed from having knee surgery. World Peace was supposed to miss upwards of about six weeks with the injury, but clearly he had other plans.

World Peace scored four points and dished out one assist in 15 minutes of action on Tuesday night and after the game he explained to reporters why he was able to recover and play less than two weeks from having surgery.

“Well, you know, I’m just too sexy for my cat,” World Peace explained. “I’m too sexy for my cat. My cat. I’m just too sexy for my cat. If I wasn’t as sexy for my cat, I probably wouldn’t have came back. I’m so sexy, I came back. Too sexy for my cat, too sexy to wear a sleeve or a bracelet, so I had to come back. I felt sexy, I felt like my team was working, I felt like we wanted it. We just wanted to come together collectively. Play hard, do it together. … I’m definitely too sexy for my cat, definitely, we know that. I’m also too tough to let a meniscus surgery keep me out for six weeks. I’m too sexy for the cat.”

You just can’t make this stuff up.

You know what Metta, you’re right. What other explanation could there be?

Maybe if Derrick Rose was sexy enough for his cat, he would already be back on the court for the Chicago Bulls.

World Peace just has it all figured out.

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