Chicago Cubs Prospect Jorge Soler Attacks Opposing Dugout With a Bat

By Paul Seaver
Jennifer Hilderbrand-USA Today Sports

The Chicago Cubs have a $30 million investment in Cuban prospect Jorge Soler, who is currently playing for the team’s Single A affiliate in Daytona.

Well, Soler was making headlines on Wednesday night for his on-the-field production. The only problem was that that production is frowned upon on the baseball field. Soler began a bench-clearing brawl on Wednesday night by picking up a bat and charging the opposing dugout. Soler did not hit anyone with the bat, but the Cubs are now investigating the incident.

Soler was obviously ejected from the game for his actions and it’s unclear at this moment what his disciplinary punishment will be. The situation escalated after a double play in which Clearwater second baseman Carlos Alonso apparently stepped on Soler.

Those are the basics of the situation and it’s an odd one indeed. Soler let things escalate pretty quickly and while he was clearly angry with Alonso, there’s no need to try and grab a bat and charge the opponent’s dugout.

Maybe Soler was just mad because he’s not “too sexy for his cat,” like Metta World Peace, but either way this isn’t a situation that the Cubs want to see out of their budding prospect. Soler has played for the Cuban international team in the past and is under a nine-year contract with the Cubs. Soler is 21 years old.


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