Danny Amendola's Father Suing Dallas Cowboys Stadium For Runaway Cart Incident (Video)

By Paul Seaver

Yes, you read that headline correctly.

Back in 2011, a runaway cart made headlines in Texas when it struck a pack of people including the father of current New England Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola. The cart started going on its own due to the pylons that were in the front and struck a group of unsuspecting people near midfield. The incident took place at the Dallas Cowboys‘ stadium during the high school state championship game in 2011.

Danny’s father, Willie Amendola, is now suing the Dallas Cowboys’ stadium for injuries and “great personal anguish and embarrassment.” Amendola is seeking $1 million in the lawsuit.

Okay, this situation is just bizarre. Obviously the incident that occurred is awful and probably happened because someone was too lazy to put the pylons in the back of the cart, but just watch the video above — have you ever seen something like this occur?

Amendola is the one who ends up on the hood of the cart after being struck amongst the group of people — he’s in the blue shirt. The incident occurred at midfield following Dekaney High School’s state title victory. Amendola is the head coach for the school and had been talking to reporters about the game when the cart struck.

Amendola’s son just signed a five-year, $31 million deal with the Patriots this past off-season.

Amendola was formerly a member of the St. Louis Rams and was brought to New England this year to help replace Wes Welker who signed with the Denver Broncos.


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