Dog Excited About Baseball, Almost Breaks TV (Video)

By RanterX

Are you fired up for baseball season? Probably not as much as this dog. We’ve heard of cats pawing at the screen during a basketball game, but this dog clearly thought that last pitch should have been a ball.

Animals interacting with sports have always been comical and sometimes cute. Of course, if homeboy hadn’t caught his television, it wouldn’t have been either to him, but it sure was to us! Did you see how quick that pooch got out of there when the TV started to bobble? I’m telling you — dogs are smart and they know when they’re in trouble. Mine especially; she won’t come out from under the bed if she’s done something wrong, even if you don’t know about it…yet.

Be sure to check out some of the other animal-related sports instances in the rest of our Clubhouse section. The best one is the goat’s head delivered to Wrigley Field. We’ve got a video for that one, too!

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