15 Athletes Who Would be Awkward at Your Day Job

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Athletes That Don't "Fit" Into the Typical Workplace

Source: Tom Szcerbowski- USA Today Sports

If you put any NFL linebacker or NBA center into a “normal” day job, it just wouldn’t look right. However, some athletes would definitely stand out more than others.

There are just some athletes that would be extremely intimidating to work next to in an office. Whether they’re muscular, tall, or covered in tattoos, sometimes athletes just don’t fit into the “typical” workplace.

What do I mean by “typical” day job? I consider it one where you’re sitting behind a desk, on a computer, answering phones, assisting costumers, etc. Something that professional athletes never have to encounter unless they’re making contracts with their agents or scheduling times for celebrity appearances.

I understand athletes have to train and then perform in front of large audiences but do they know what it would be like to have a real 8-5 job everyday? It would be hilarious to put some of these guys into an office setting because they wouldn’t know what to do.

Many professional athletes admit that they get off easy with their grades during college, and many of them do not even graduate. Some of these guys should simply be lucky that they are athletic because their brains wouldn’t have gotten them very far in the workplace.

Then you look at their physical appearance and decide that many of them could not even get a real job. Most professional places require you to cover tattoos, piercings and to have a proper appearance and these guys just don’t have that. So who would be the weirdest athletes to work with? Take a look and Enjoy!

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Shaun White

Source: Kyle Terada- USA Today Sports

This X Games snowboarder looks like he'd rather be on the slopes than at a desk. His long, curly locks don't exactly scream "business," unless it involves fun and games.

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Troy Polamalu

Source: Charles LeClaire- USA Today Sports

Polamalu has probably won more awards for his hair than he has for his athletic talent. Between the long luscious locks and his large body structure, he would simply not fit into the setting of an average day job.

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Joakim Noah

Source: Rob Grabowski- USA Today Sports

Noah has a much more subtle look now than when he first got drafted into the NBA. However, he still looks like a little kid that wants to have fun, not a grownup in an office.

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Ray Lewis

Source: Mark J. Rebilas- USA Today Sports

He wasn't the biggest player on the field, but he sure was one of the scariest. Lewis used to be one of the biggest beasts of the NFL, as well as an offense's worst nightmare.

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Marshawn Lynch

Source: Cary Edmondson- USA Today Sports

He's not exactly your "average" looking guy, and he also has some sketchiness when it comes to his criminal record. Lynch just doesn't look like someone that would be hardworking behind a desk all day long.

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Andrew Bynum

Source: Howard Smith- USA Today Sports

First off, Bynum is 7'0'' tall; anyone with that height should be playing a sport of some sort. Second, he has had some interesting hairstyles during his NBA career. Bynum has been seen with anything from an afro, to slick-backed, and even cornrows.

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Luis Scola

Source: Mark J. Rebilas- USA Today Sports

I don't know what type of job I could see Scola working at. If he wasn't 6'9'' tall, his scraggly hair would make me think he was on unemployment.

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Clay Matthews

Source: Benny Sieu- USA Today Sports

He's one of the tallest and biggest linebackers in the NFL. Anyone with his size would look extremely awkward in any type of day job.

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Randy Johnson

Source: Cary Edmondson- USA Today Sports

Johnson was a great pitcher, but not exactly your "average" man. He may have finally gotten rid of the mullet but he still stands at an awkward 6'10'' tall.

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Mike Tyson

Source: The Star Ledger- USA Today Sports

I would terrified if Tyson was at my day job. Sure, the face tattoo is pretty intimidating, but when Tyson's body was at it's prime, anyone would have been scared of him.

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John Daly

Source: Christopher Hanewinckel- USA Today Sports

There are just too many things that would make me think that Daly would be an odd fit at any day job. He's not exactly the most "fit" athlete out there but his wild outfits would definitely make him standout in the workplace.

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Alex Ovechkin

Source: Kyle Terada- USA Today Sports

Ovechkin is just one awkward looking hockey player. The gap between the teeth and the long hair make him look like the geeky kid from high school.

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Brock Lesnar

Source: Mark J. Rebilas- USA Today Sports

I think anyone would be intimidated to work next to someone with a body this big. To know that he could probably kill you with one punch would be terrifying.

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Dennis Rodman

Source: Bob Donnan- USA Today Sports

The piercings, the colored hair, need I say more? Rodman was a star back in the day but I don't think anyone would have accepted his job application.

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Chris Andersen

Source: Brace Hemmelgarn- USA Today Sports

This NBA player is just one amusing person. He's covered in tattoos and has quite the interesting mohawk hairstyle. Anyone with the nickname "Birdman" would just be extremely weird to work with at a day job.